To The Hierarchy: if you guys had to date a bunch of anons for one week, would you do it?

Asmodeus: I...don't know about that.
Azazel: Who's crazy enough to try and date a bunch of devils?
Ba'al: ^^; Oh dear, here we go again with ''these'' ideas.
Melech: I refuse. Not interested. It goes against everything I believe in.
Gadreel: I think that would be fun.
Melech: You don't THINK it would be fun
Gadreel: ~Sweats~
Astaroth: Oh! I have always wanted to take a bunch of random girls to take a nice trip in my ship!
Verrine: I don't do well with ''dating''. Specially those named anons. Its ridiculous.
Berith: I won't even try to get on this. Everyone hates me and is scared of me. So, I could careless.
Samel: Oh sister, I'm pretty sure a man named Quinn is a lot more obnoxious than you.
Berith: Quinn, who?
Samel: Oh nothing ^-^
Mikhail: A date? The longest it doesn't interrupt with our work. I don't see the issue very much.
Memoria: My concerns precisely
Leviat: Dating seems like a lot of human work. I don't know if I wanna do this ''dating''
Lilith: Oooh my
Lailah: ~Remains quiet and only smiles~