*in the dark of night a portal would open, the rims made of what seemed to be blood, then crawling out from it was a 11 foot tall male, his fingers oddly black... but every other feature of his pointed to him being a Serent... judging by those massive horns- a ancient one..*

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Eva: **as usual myself is currently hiding from my opressors, chasing me down for my tasty and attractiv blood. which is not only a curse to my people but also a blessing. i move silently across the woods. seeking out for a place to hide. tho im not entirely sure as to where i should go*

*while looking around I sniff, tilting my head as I smile* oh... I seem to be having quite the luck today... *he’d say as he stealthily headed towards the woman, making sure to not alarm because if it was a akeldama- a 11 foot tall ancient was likely less then welcoming.*

Eva: **I keep on walking silently, leaves getting crushed beneath my exposed feet. i pant slightly and right away see an abandoned cabin of the sort right head of me. i quickly rush to it in a heartbeat. im feelin very anxious the more im in the outside*

*sees her in the distance and smiles. Getting closer, but making sure to remain silent as possible.. my eyes watching intensely, flashing a silver colour very briefly. My form is heavily hunched over due to my extreme height... does not plan to be hostile, not yet anyways.*

Eva: *Opens the cabbins door and enters inside. locks it and steps back** ok. this place will do for now...hopfully. *sighs in relief slightly*...dammit. those damn blood sucking idiots just dont know when to call it a day!
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He’d frown as he nodded, listening “Kain... not quite sure if I’ve met that one...” he to be honest, had not met many ancients, mainly because he chose to be more- quiet and subtle when going about his business “would you like for me to try and... steer them away?~” he’d ask with a bit of a grin

Eva: I mean, I don't know if she is alone or what she is capable of. I hear she has a new power. Something about an Architect, so Idk if this is of any help for you. Be careful out there. If you need assistance...m-maybe I ...will be willing...m-maybe humph!
Mildred: ~Searches around the bushes but nothing. Though, I do see fresh foot prints on the muddy ground. I kneel and touch them~ Human sized feet. ~Grins~ She's here, I'm sure.

He’d noticeably get a bit of a unhappy look on his face as she mentioned architect It even seemed like his eyes flashed silver- though that could’ve just been light reflecting. “I’ll be careful, don’t you worry... I know how sad you would be if I got hurt~” he’d tease with a grin, then walking out.

Mildred: ~Sighs and decides to take a slight rest. Leans back and will proceed with my search in a few. I begin to sip on a blood pouch~
Eva: ~Watches attentively and frowns~...................~I keep myself prepared for anything. I will assist him if it means getting rid of anyone relating to Kain~

As she’d begin to rest she’d see the male calmly approaching, having made sure to start coming from a different direction so it was not obvious he came from the where Eva was- His calm smile present and horns visible as always as he calmly approached.

Mildred: Huh? ~Hears footsteps and turns my head~ Who's there!? ~Becomes hostile to protect myself just in case. Until I see your figure~.......Oh. An ancient. ~Calms down again~ What the hell are you doing here? ~Raises brow in confusion~ Never seen you before. Are these your lands?

— couple feet away from the other, scanning her with his eyes,feeling unsettled by her... similar to the one time he met one named ‘Jules’ very briefly in the past... (finished)

Mildred: Huh...well before I do take my leave, have you seen a human girl around here? She's of someone's property. She's a dirty escapee, you see. She was to become of use for Lord Kain. Another ancient much like yourself.
Eva: ~Wonders why she is listening to Naziros. Likely his ancient status does give him some benefits against serants who show respect for ancients~

He’d calmly nod “yes... they are, I’d like it very much if you left.” He’d say with a calm look on his face his hands folded calmly behind his back This of course was a lie- but she didn’t need to know that “And I prefer to be... Less known, more simple that way.” He’d chuckle, stopping a (cont-)

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—Looking to Mildred, calmly. under his outfit something was unraveling- his ‘belt’ moving a little bit.

Mildred: I see. ~Finds you odd~ What's your name? ~Speaks to you in a respectful manner~ I would like to remember your title, if I ever do come across you again. ~Finds you handsome enough for me kinda blush~
Eva: >_> ~Knows she is so hitting on him. I become kinda jealous~ (Stvp1d.....Wench better not)

The male tilted his head, staring before slowly shaking his head “sadly no, those humans can be quite elusive... one I own is quite the.. runner, he was bullsh*ting most that of course- “and I have not met this ‘Kain’, though I may sometime in the future, who knows.” Naziros said with a chuckle(cont

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He smiled, happy that she was being respectful- that and this was going well, so far at least “Naziros Vorlin... one of that B*tches spawn, sadly.” Like most he disliked Berith- he was fairly indifferent on Samel.

Mildred: Yikes. Well Naziros, my name is Mildred. I serve Lord Kain. I am simply searching the place for the reason I told you previously. Though, since this is your property, I'm sure they will have no choice than to run away upon seeing a ancient. ~Laughs evilly and confident Eva would run from you~ I have to go now. Do take care. ~Leaves~
Eva: Huh...I guess Ancients do have some power over other serants after all. Tch, lucky b4st4rd managed to lie to her. Dammit, now I have to thank him and I owe him one.

He’d nod “have a beautiful night, Sweet Mildred.. good luck in your hunts.” He’d say with a purr, he had no interest in her- though he noticed the slight interest in him- something that seemed to help. He’d then turn to walk back to the cabin, some more movement under his outfit as he entered.

Eva: ~Sighs in relief and I see your form enter back inside~ So, is that little nazi of a girl gone or what? ~I frown, while sweating slightly~

He’d tilt his head “Nazi of a girl?” He’d ask, then recalling the- basics of human history he knew- “oh, yes. She is gone. She believes this is my territory.” He’d say calmly to Eva, then leaning in “you’re all safe with me here with you,.” He’d say with a grin, getting quite close again.

Eva: ~I gasp and look away almost immediately with a very redden expression across my face~..................Yeah, Nazi girl. Or do you not know who she is? Her aura feels similar to that of an Akeldama. Yet, she also feels like a Serant, which is the weirdest of all. That little punk is older than me, hard to believe but she is. Speculations goes around that she's likely part of Eleazar's line or group of Serants. Judging by her size, likely got it from him. Though, I would not know how they relate. I have encountered Eleazar before. ~Turns and shows you the horrible scars inflicted upon me~ He did this to me.

“I could sense that.. and more, and yes she mentioned that she served ‘Lord ka-“ he’d stop speaking as he saw the scars in her back, frowning greatly as he carefully traced them with his odd black fingers “that is horrible..” the taller male would say quietly, looking to Eva’s face after a moment

Eva: He murdered my family by consuming all of their blood for his gain. To why he has more power than ever before. His kingdom stands strong because of the kin he sacrificed in order to get there. Meanwhile, he planned on keeping me to make me his breeding wench but I escaped, only to be caught by Kain, who planned on....forcing me to breed with him and other humans he keeps to make more pure blooded Akeldamas.. ~I frown and look down~

He’d nod as he listened to her “this is some of the reasons I hate a majority of my relatives” he’d say, looking away from her wounds growing angry at those two that were responsible for all the pain she felt. “Disgusting beings.” He’d say, he was no saint- but he saw what they did as disgusting.

Eva: Why?.....You are a serant, aren't you? You are part of them. To be against them, is a bad thing. Or at least, this is what I have managed to memorize about your kin from the amount of insanity that goes on in the human farms. They take things like you are saying offensively.

Feel something brush against her neck... looking she’d see a massive & long black tail... which led- to him.. from under his robes as he leaned in towards her,, his red eyes staring into hers, “tell me, what do you think of me Eva, do you think I’m as horrible as the ancients that have wronged you?”

Eva: ~Blushes more and my eyes shake. I'm so mesmerized by your gaze, if I don't look away I feel I will lose myself~................~Blushes harder~..................I.............don't think so.....I...........ugh..........I....~Stares at you again~....I-I......y-you....a..a.re..............different. ~Quietly speaks, my voice trembling and is not out of fear but out of the weird sentiments your presence and attitude is giving me as a woman~...................

He’d chuckle “I am well aware of our practices... I will admit my hands are not clean.” He’d turn for a moment “we have human farms, bloodkin celebrations, etc. In my realm, moreso out of necessity then my own amusement.” He’d say, turning “I must ... conform to some extent....” she’d suddenly— (1/2

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He’d stare at her and grin lightly, amused by her reaction to him “...hm...” she’d suddenly grip her lower face, bringing his face dangerously close to her own as he maintained eye contact with her “How am I differnt, Tell me..~” he’d say with a purr, his odd parasitic tail pulling her body close.

Eva: I............don't know how to explain it to you. I just.....can...see you are...I....~Gets nervous and my eyes instinctively stare at your extremely red lips. They look so kissable. I suddenly shake my thoughts away and push you back~ Y-you stay right there mister! W-what are you doing grabbing me like that!?

He’d stare at her, tilting his head as he chuckled, looking at her blushing face as his long tail went back into his robe- likely wrapping around his body or something “was just having some fun~” he’d say with a simple chuckle as he stared at her

Eva: D-don't you have somewhere to be than to be hanging out with me? ~Huffs and I cross both of my arms~

“Nope.” He’d answer simply as he remained still, his own hands held behind his back calmly, looking down to her from his massive height “...Tell me, how old are you Eva, I’m curious.” The male said, his red eyes staring into her own, the ancient was quite clearly interested in her.

Eva: Old enough to tell you of everything your kind put me through. I'm just several centuries old. In human terms, abnormally old. Been around for quite awhile. And in that short period of time, It was enough for me to learn of your kinds messed up culture.

He’d nod as he listened to her, remaining silent for a bit as he thought of what to say, “I can agree our culture is, less then nice..” he’d say, he admittedly did like it- though that was because he himself was a Serent, a ancient no less., though he was significantly less brutal, compared to most

Eva:.......~Awkwardly remains silent for a little while before speaking again~ I don't think its safe for me to stay here. There's too many Serants around. ~I can't believe I'm gonna say this~ Since, you claim to not be a brute, then take me to your place. I-I DON'T INTEND ON STAYING FOREVER. I JUST NEED TO HIDE...OK?

The males eyes widened, surprised at the request- though he’d smile as he nodded, cutting his hand quickly, blood would flow out and begin to form a portal- fairly large to accommodate his height- he’d gesture forwards... “ladies first...?~” he said with a bit of a chuckle.

Eva:~ Your mannerism sure makes me blush more than enough, as if I wasn't red as a tomato already. I'm getting redder and redder by the minute. I look forward and carefully step into the portal you created, wondering what's behind such gate~

https://ask.fm/candypop_the_jester/answer/162204739477?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=iOS ) The two appeared in a throne room of sorts, Serent servants were currently clean, seeing her they’d hiss, about to approach- but as Naziros came from behind her, immediately stood down “welcome to Orthen~”

Eva: Orthen...~Looks around at the multiple buildings and the red bloody moon before me~....Wow. This place is....interesting. I can tell there's a certain theme with you bloodsuckers. ~Chuckles, almost loosening up around you~