[admin's choice] Nomi: -She yawns a bit as she walks through a city. She fiddles with her necklace, wondering how her brother is doing. She was debating on sending him a message to say hi.-

Astennu: ~Follows right behind you, has been ordered to watch over you by your father~
Semut: ~Was also ordered to watch over you~ Make sure she doesn't see us.
Astennu: ~Nods and moves carefully behind you~

Nomi: -she sighs more as she keeps walking, before heading someplace where she can be alone, or at least less people around. Her eyes gaze at the stores, before stopping as she looks at a small sweets shop- oh, look at them making fudge!

Astennu: She's going into the sweet shop. We best try to be cautious or she will see us. Idk if we can enter inside.
Semut: We must find a way though...we gotta be closer to her. Azazel ordered us just that, remember?
Astennu: Mmm ~Sighs and tries to think~

Nomi: -she heads inside the store, looking at the sweets. She smiles happily, wonder what to get, before finally picking out a few different things, paying for them, and heading back out, and towards a small park. Her ears twitch slightly, as she walks- I wonder is kama would like any of these..

Astennu: ~Steps inside of the store and tries my best to play it off as me just being a random man walking in to have a look around~
Semut: ~Does the same. I keep my back turned at all times. Grabs a newspaper and reads it while casually eyeing you closely~
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Nomi: -she blushes deeply as she squirms- o-oy! G-get off of me please!

Semut: Then hear us out! Tell us that you will listen to what we have to say! Then, we will let you go...
Astennu: Yes, please...stop struggling. Relax and listen to what we have to tell you.

Nomi: -she frowns at the two as she stops- y-you have me pinned between you both..t-this looks so wrong -she blushes more- f-fine i'll listen

Astennu: Your father told us to watch over you. To make sure you were safe. He has been feeling he hasn't been there very much so he wanted us to tag along you to not only keep you in good company but also to protect you from any harm.
Semut: We didn't intend in ...getting all up in your personal space. We have the best of intentions when it comes to you, Princess. We...didn't want to make this all the more awkward and uncomfortable for you.
Astennu: ~Backs up a bit, giving you and Semut some room. Pushes your hair behind your ear gently and smiles~ Forgive us, we are just doing as we were ordered.
Semut: Mmhmm. Yes. That's correct. Forgive us, princess.

Nomi: -she sighs, still blushing- I forgive you both..but..please don't pin me between you two..ok? -she looks up at the two, smiling a bit-

Astennu: Understood. ~Backs off~ Is there anything you are looking for, Princess? We could be of some help to you if you'd like.
Semut: We can carry your bags or escort you to places. Or maybe, help you look around for a place.

Nomi: Er..Well i mean i got some sweets, but i wanted to go to the park and send my brother a message. I haven't spoken to him in a while and I wanted to get in touch since he doesn't want me to come to his work..

Astennu: Prince...Kama, correct? Is this his name? I believe he works for someone named Luxuria. He's his punisher, or something along the lines
Semut: I mean, perhaps we can get him to come over here instead. We can do this for you, if you want.

Nomi: Yes, its kama, and no, please don't risk yourselves like that..-she smiles a bit- i'm fine with sending him a message -she holds up her necklace- kama gave me this so i can. -she smiles a bit more-

Astennu: We would die for you. We are here to serve you with our lives int he way, Princess. We are nothing more than the floor for you to stand upon. We do not compare to you or your father. Please, don't be afraid to use us.
Semut: Yes, your father took us in, unworthy slaves but he gave us everything. We have been blessed. Please, use us as you see fit.Use us. Don't be afraid to do so, my lady.

Nomi: -she frowns a bit- but..i don't want people to get hurt because of me..-she sighs- and you guys are not unworthy in any way. Lets just head to the park ok?

Astennu: The fact you believe us to have worth, makes us feel so honored. Thank you for seeing us as worthy. But we do not compare to you. Through your blood runs the blood of a god, my lady.
Semut: Understood. Your every wish is our command. ~Kisses her hand as I kneel down before her~
Astennu: Thank you for seeing us as important. We don't deserve it but...thank you. ~Kisses your other hand while also kneeling~
People: ~Walking by and they just see this scenery~

Nomi: -she blushes again, before looking at the people, and then to Astennu and Semut- p-please, lets just go to the park..I'm feeling embarrassed right now..

Semut: Yes, of course. We are sorry my lady. ~Both stand and smile~ Let's go to this park you speak of. Care to show us here it is? We will escort you.
Astennu: Yes! If you are hungry, no need to pay, we came here prepared to pay for anything you want. I hear parks have food places.

Nomi: -she looks at the two, before she sighs a bit- r-right..-she moves as she heads to the park- I...-she frowns- It feels weird being treated like this ya know..I know you two are just doing what my dad asked..but i feels a bit suffocating..

Semut: Suffocating....? Are we smothering you? I am so sorry, my lady. We are just trying to please you in every little way we can. ~Stares at you deeply~
Astennu: Yes. We will stop if that's what you truly, truly desire. But we won't leave your side. We have been trained to serve. This is all we know how to do. I hope that's not boring to you.

Nomi: I..well..I understand, and its ok. -she frowns a bit as she keeps walking- It isn't boring, i guess something I have to adjust to you know? -she looks at the two, before she smiles softly-

Astennu: ~Tries to think and make things feel more like we are friends for her~ So, what do you do for a living, my lady? We serve and we assume, you do princess things, perhaps?
Semut: Astennu, don't you think that's a little too personal to even ask? We shouldn't even...
Astennu: ~Sweats and hopes my question is not that personal~

Nomi: it isn't personal, and well..i mainly explore. Though back when i was with my mother I was trained to be a warrior..I'm pretty good with fighting -she smiles-

Astennu: Oh fighting! How marvelous! Our princess is a warrior. You are amazing I bet. Please, use us as punching bags.
Semut: Punch me right in the face, my lady. I would love to measure your strength.
Astennu: Yes. Please, don't be shy. We can take it, we assure you.
Semut: Mmhmm.

Nomi: e-eh? N-no! -she frowns- i..i don't want to hurt you two..I fight to protect myself..and others

Astennu: Well, is not really hurting us. Is more like testing you out. I'm sure your father will be happy to see the results of your training.
Semut: Yes. ~We both reach the park~ Oh,here we are my lady. The place seems to be filled with interesting people today!

Nomi: -she frowns more- i..dont know if my dad knows i'm a fighter. -she looks at the park, and the people- lets..find some place in the park where we won't be bothered, ok?

Astennu: Yes , my princess. ~Looks around and tries to find a fitting place to sit and relax~
Semut: ~Spots an empty bench~ Look over there! We can sit there.
Astennu: ~Quickly sprints for the bench and takes up the space so no one sits on it. I of course, make sure to clean it for the princess~
Semut: ~Takes Nomi's hand and takes her to the bench. Checks if its clean~ Ok, all good.
Astennu: Of course. Are you hungry, my lady?

Nomi: -watches the two, before she laughs softly. Slowly she shakes her head- I'm good for now. -she sits down before holding the necklace in her hand- let's see if I remember how to do this..-she gently closes her hand over the necklace wishing to send a message to her brother, kama-

Astennu: ~They stand guard and look around. Making sure no one gets near Nomi or else~
Semut: ~Does the same and stands his ground. Hissing~
People: ~They walk by and all they see are two tall sexy men guarding a super cute girl. They wonder if they are all p0rn stars or something~
Kama: ~About to peel off the skin of a disobedient demon, until I feel my sister trying to message me. I can feel the power of her necklace trying to reach me~ Huh?

Nomi: -she takes a deep breath, before slowly opening her eyes as she stares at the stone.- Hello brother. -she smiles- You told me to use the necklace, I just wanted to say hi..and hope you are doing well..

Kama: Its so nice that you decided to call me. I was in the middle of.....doing some stuff at work. Tell me, how are things? I heard father is treating you well, is that true? Someone like him being so polite? Hah.
Astennu: ~Keeps guarding and looks around~
Semut: ~Does the exact same and makes sure to look intimidating and aggressive as possible~

Nomi: oh! Um, sorry if this is a bad time..I'm good. Dad..well yes. -she looks at the two- he..er..has some of his servants keep an eye on me right now. -she sighs a bit-

Kama: You mean those half naked slutty servants of his? Are you kidding me? You might wanna be careful with them. They are h0rny guys. I know they have a lot of....weird stuff going on.
Azazel uses them for his...porno parties of his which take place in his kingdom every now and then. If you aren't careful enough, you could end up knocked up by all of his sluts. Just imagining you bearing their every child angers me.

Nomi: -blushes deeply- h-hey! I doubt that will ever happen..-she frowns a bit- I doubt they would do anything..-she looks down- how..is work going for you brother?

Kama: Its going as it has always gone sis. Busy and filled with people worth punishing. You know, the usual. ~Grins evilly~ You doubt what I said will ever happen? How are you so sure? What makes you believe it won't happen at all, hm?

Nomi: if..it was going to happen wouldn't it have since I first met them or when father wasn't around? -she frowns more-

Kama: They could be playing nice with you. Trying to gain your trust. Those sluts of his aren't dumb you know? They have been with Azazel for quite awhile now. They were trained to fight and defend his territory. I fought the 4 before and they weren't easy to handle. They are all persistent and obnoxious. I couldn't kill dad because of them. Heh, at least they aren't all looks and all fvcks.

Nomi: -she frowns more- ..so..you don't think I can handle myself?

Kama: Now, just hold on, I never said you can't handle yourself. I fully believe you can but there's 4 men around you vs you, a single girl. You are outnumbered. I'm just being realistic here. If you are to handle things on your own, just be extra careful, ok? I don't wanna find out something weird happened to you and then go buttheads with dad again.

Nomi: -she takes a deep breath- I understand brother..-she sighs softly before wondering- why did you fight them before?

Kama: Because I attempted murder against our useless and incompetent father. ~Smiles~

Nomi: why do you and dad dislike another? I understand you both have your differences..but I feel like you two also share something in common..

Kama: What!? Me and him sharing common things? Nomi! There's no way he and I are alike, like at all! What insanity are you even saying!? ~I frown a lot, taking a break from butchering the demons in the punishment room~
Astennu: ~We can't hear a thing Kama is saying, but we can only hear Nomi~
Semut: ~Amused by whatever ability they are using to communicate~