[To Ein and Virgil] Dawn: -she was heading to their place, in hopes to meet up with them. She hadn't seen them in a while, and missed her friends-

Ein: ~Talking to Virgil about how disastrous and mean Quinn was. Discussing the plans we will form to make his life be a little sh-tty~
Virgil: ~Sighs and hears someone opens the door of the bar. I turn my head and sees Dawn~ Oh, hey there...

Dawn: -she waves to virgil, before she raises an eyebrow- what happened? The air feels heavy..

Ein: Well, that's because we just got into some online beef and rivalry against someone who calls himself the_red_king over at instagram. He really thinks pretty high of himself. He really, really thinks he is above everybody else.
Virgil: Just talking about him makes me frown right away. He's one of the most irritating of men I have ever met. How does anyone like him?
Ein: Online people can appear something they are not. Maybe they don't know him in person, just by the videos, posts or pictures he makes. He obviously lives a double life. The life of perfect prince charming vs the real 4ssh0l3 b1tch boy he is.

Dawn: -frowns as she walks over to the two- So this red king needs to be taken down a peg or two? And Ein is right. Oneline you can be anything you want and no one will ever truly know the truth. For all you know there are cats and dogs using the internet! -she chuckles a bit-

Ein: O_O Cats and dogs using the internet. Does that include Midnite? he's a dog.
Ein: >_>
Virgil: Wtf...I.......e_e
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Dawn: -she frowns a bit as she looks at ein.- ..will you be ok?

Ein: I...yeah its just something that happens once in awhile. I call them the annoying episodes of bullsh1t ~Laughs~
Virgil: ~Frowns a little bit~ Have you considered allowing for a professional serant doctor to check on you?
Ein: If you mean by Doctor, that weirdo guy named Levi, hell no!
Virgil: He's one of the most skilled doctors of our kind. Look, I know he is part of the bloodkin but he might be able to find out what's wrong with you.
Ein: Hard pass man! >:T

Dawn: -she frowns as she walks over to ein and gently pulls on his cheeks- it, if something is wrong..you shouldn't put it off ok? You'll worry your friends more..

Ein: ~Blinks and feels your hands pulling on my face~ L-look, I'm not gonna go to Levi. That guy is a fvcking freak. And I mean it, he's a weirdo. He is part of a messed up cult. Like hell I'll let him touch me.
Virgil: I just need him to check if your ''episodes'' aren't do to blood lust or something. You could be suffering from the thing I'm suffering and if its the case then you'll need to drink Imperium.
Ein: ^^; I don't think its...bloodlust. I...its complicated Virgil.

Dawn: -frowns before she looks at virgil- who is Levi by the way? -she stares at him, before looking at ein- is he that bad?

Virgil: Its a long story. Um, well, first of all we are Serants. You might or might not be familiar with...them. We are notoriously known for many awful things but among them is just....how....sexually active we all are. Of course, neither me or Ein, really follow the pattern but many others do. Within our race we have several beliefs. Um, creeds which you can follow, such as Catholicism and so on but the most respected among them is the bloodkin. The worship and respect for blood. Because we as a species, need blood in order to survive and do most things. Blood to us is like gold. Its important. Its key. Now the issue with this is, the Bloodkin was formed by a bunch of ancients, the elders of our kind; which i'm sure are tyrants for the most part. If not half of them are. There's parties and ceremonies that is always about the belief of the Bloodkin and paying respects to Ancients and important influencers within our kind. Major influencers are people like Levi. A well respected doctor who knows a lot about the pros and cons to t he health of a serant. There's many to his likeness but he's one of the few who stand out the most. Not to mention, his family...were the one to connect to the ancestor serants who created the imperium which serants like me rely on so much in order to suppress the condition of bloodlust.
Ein: ~Sighs~ He's also the law enforcement which keeps tabs on people if they don't go to the bloodkin ceremonies. He and his comrades are very strict and if you break any rules you will be used as entertainment in their...weirdo..circus.....stage thing. Err...yeah. The thing is, Levi is strange. As he loves being a doctor, stripper or whatever, he likes to see what Serants have inside of them. Like, idk special things to them. I'm different...that's why I don't want him to see me :/

Dawn: ...-she stares at the two and sighs- Oy, well I knew you two weren't human at least, but..-she looks at Ein- ... -she frowns more thinking- I might not be an expert on serants..but if Ein were to have blood lust wouldn't he be trying to drink everyone's blood right now?

Virgil: ~My eyes widen to the serious point you are making right now~................ You are right. You know, Ein...what are you exactly?
Ein: ~Sweats and stares at Virgil~....I don't know how to explain?
Virgil: Well, can you try to explain us something?
Ein: I just...know I'm different. I just....know I am. I keep having these visions of destruction. I feel is best I don't remember.

Dawn: -she looks at ein-, before looking to Virgil, smiling- well, no matter what ein is, he is always our friend right? -she looks to ein and smiles- plus we can be the group of inhumans! Like super heros..but hotter

Ein: But hotter? ~Laughs at that last part~ Ok, perhaps we can be just that. Oh! The pictures! Let's go over to your house Dawn! Need a ride!?
Virgil: Oh right! The pics with the arachnids. I think Quinn is active right now. I saw him online and posting crap as usual.

Dawn: yes hotter -she sticks her tongue out playfully, before she nods- sure. My place is a bit out of the way from the town here.

Ein: Really? How far is your place? Is it like isolated or somewhat isolated?
Virgil: I mean, I wish I was kinda isolated, sadly not the case for me. ~Sighs~ And now I have to take care of my...father.
Ein: Oh yeah, how is he?
Virgil: Doing better, though, I plan on leaving him in a special hospital meant for broken Serants like him. I feel he needs to be....rehabilitated before anything else. I don't have the time to exactly care for him.
Ein: :( Sorry man I would help if I had time in my hands myself.
Virgil: Its fine...~Steps outside, where its somewhat raining right now~

Dawn: somewhat..last thing I need is some one stupid trying to break in. -she sighs and looks at virgil, before looking to ein- will he be ok?

Virgil: Yes, he will be fine. He just needs to...think about all the things he did in the past to me...and the brother I have yet to meet. ~As I step closer to my car, I notice something is off about it. I don't know what it is but then the unexpected happens and a huge explosion goes off. My car bursts into flames,the explosion slightly pushing me back~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ I gasp in so much shock. In disbelief this just happened~
Ein: ~Instinctively pushes Dawn behind me to shield her from the sudden detonation~ Geezus christ! What the fuck!?
Punk doll: ~Came out from the explosion and perfectly landed infront of them. It activates and commences to dance, while half of its face is burned up. It seems to be a robotic doll or something and the doll loosk awfully familiar~ Hehehe!!! Gotcha!!! Hehehe!! Gotcha! Hehehe!! Gotcha!!!! ~Snaps pictures of their shocked faces with its mechanical eyes~
Virgil: ~My eyes widen more when I see this tiny little doll, dressed up as Quinn. Like a miniature version of him~..........~For a brief moment my eyes tap into bloodlust. I kick the fvck out of the doll and step on it until it breaks. I don't seem like I wanna stop. I step on it over and over again, furiously~
Ein: !!!!! Virgil!!!!! S-stop! ~Takes a look at the doll~
Virgil: IT WAS HIM!!!.....IT WAS...HIM!!!!
Ein: I know!!! But calm down!

Dawn: -she jumps a bit from the explosion. Her hand grips ein slightly when she felt him push her behind him. She gazes at the damage, before watching Virgil. She frowns as she moves- if you stop stomping on it..I can possibly trace it..

Virgil: ~Pants and feels Ein rubbing my shoulders and steps away form the stupid little punk doll~ I-I-I Can't believe it...I can't believe he actually.....
Ein: At this point, you know he will do anything to sour our days and nights. Don't be surprised. If our friend here can track it, we can possibly respond appropriately
Virgil: ~Growling in anger~

Dawn: -she heads over to the doll and picks it up. She looks it over, before eyeing the two- well, we still need to go back to my place. I have all my gear there and a few inventions that can help -she smiles happily-

Virgil: We will have to use your vehicle, Ein. I hope you don't mind.
Ein: And I hope he didn't put a little prank on it too!
Virgil: We should be careful. I'll head on first. ~Goes to the back of the club where the other parking area is at and quickly heads to Ein's car. I step near it and even tap it. I do other stuff for awhile and sees nothing~ Ok, maybe he just didn't know you parked the car behind Neon Bureau.
Ein: Phew, good because this car is the newest model. I mean, I got myself a goddamn Cadillac CT5 from this years! My sweet baby shouldn't be hurt! T~T
Virgil: ~Chuckles~ Just get in the car. Dawn, you go in the front, you'll have to show Ein where you live. I'll be fine in the back. ~gets inside~
Ein: ~Runs to the other side and opens the door for Dawn~.....Ladies first? ~Smiles~

Dawn: -she follows the two, keeping the left over of the doll with her. She looks at ein as she smiles back at him- thank you. -she gets into the car and sits in the front-

Ein: Sure, don't mention it! ~Closes the door for you and goes to the where I belong. I close the door and quickly turn everything on but not before checking and hearing for odd sounds in the car~ You can never be too sure.
Virgil: Right. ~leans back and hears for sounds too. Any weird sounds the vehicle does will be a red flag~

Dawn: -she listens as well before speaking- my Spidey senses aren't tingling.

Ein: Hahahah! That's a funny way of putting it. Well, I don't feel anything is off in the slightest, guess we are indeed safe for now. Alright, let's go! ~Presses down on the gas pedal and heads to the road at a pretty high speed, miraculously not hitting any car~
Virgil: ~Gasps and holds onto the sides~ Ein! Don't do that!!!! If a car is entering into the bar, you could of crashed into it! Why do you always decide to go turbo mode every time you leave this place!?
Ein: Its fun! Its crazy! Its exciting! Don't worry, we won't die today ^-^

Dawn: -jerks slightly from the car launching. She grips her seat belt tightly, before looking at ein- that..was scary..-she looks to the road- just keep driving west until you get to the forest area. You'll have to slow down once there ok?

Ein: Sure sure! ~Begins to drive a little more cautious now. I looks at the road. Paying attention and not fooling around now~
Virgil: Geezus, I hate when he does that. ~Whispers~ Say, Dawn, I forgot to ask...are you...from this world?

Dawn: -she looks at virgil- sorta? My mother wasn't fully human.. but my dad was..-she looks away- poisons.. venom..toxins don't effect me, while spiders and snakes seem to listen to me.

Virgil: I see. So, your mother was....an arachnid creature. Do you know the name of her species at least?
Ein: Spiders and snakes are fun! I like things that pose a threat to others! There's just something fun about the possibility of death!
Virgil: You are clearly talking crazy now. -_-;

Dawn: -shakes her head- no..never really had the chance to ask either..-she frowns more as she looks back at the road ahead in silence- either way..it's why I handle the creatures I do..they can bite me all they want, never phases me..plus I can develop better anti-venom as well.

Ein: Wow!!!! That's so cool and splendid. You know, if its ok with you, can I pet them? I would like to touch the animals you have! I mean, I know they don't like to be pestered but I just love nature! Like, it has some of the craziest of animals. I just adore how there's this chemistry of prey and predator.
Virgil: ~Sighs~ You were always kinda big with stuff that had to do with the ecosystem. Didn't you study something like that briefly?
Ein: Well, yes but that was along time ago. Plus, I couldn't become the scientist I desired to be. I would forget too much.

Dawn: sure..each room has different types of environments for the types of creatures..-she smiles a bit- there is one snake that always hangs around me. He is a emerald tree viper.

Ein: So you keep each separated? I guess, is important since they can fight each other and stuff right? Is it possible these creatures are willing to get along with each other if you act as the mediator?
Virgil: Hmm, good question. Is it possible? I never thought of that. I mean, you are technically a person that manipulates all of that, I would think, you automatically can? Like, lets say, a spider and snake in the same place. I somehow feel thats a dangerous thing to do.
Ein: That snake is about to eat that spider asap. Though let us not underestimate the power of a tarantula. The longest the snake is no thick anaconda. You know what this reminds me of? That one video by Nicki Minaj!
Virgil: Oh god no...
Ein: OqO so much skin getting shaked.
Virgil: No -_-; I don't like those type of videos, they all look like............h0es.
Ein: Thats because they are. But they have nice butts. So round and firm -q- ooooh ~Gets distracted in my thoughts and suddenly you feel the car sway back and forth~
Ein: +q+

Dawn: -she sighs softly- look, once we get to the forest area, there is gonna be a small road on the right. Take that, it will lead to my home. It's right in the middle of the forest and I love it there.

Ein: Sorry ^^; Ok when I get to forest area, which is coming up soon, to take the small road...got it.
Virgil: ~Frowning at Ein~ Don't ever do that in the middle of the goddamn busy road, Ein.
Ein: I get it, I'm sorry :/
Virgil: Don't do it again.
Ein: ~Rolls my eyes~

Dawn: well, their containers are big enough for them to roam, but they don't share the same tank if that makes sense. They are still predators and I don't want any of them dying. -she feels the car move as she frowns- ein, please! (Part 1)

Part one of reply below

Dawn: -she looks at ein, staring at him, before she looks back to the road- so besides the issue with Quinn..how have things been with you two?

Virgil: Well, I have been dealing with my current disease but other than that, I'm ok. Thankfully. Though, sometimes things get a little rough for me to handle.
Ein: Oh wow. Are you sure you'll be ok?
Virgil: Yeah, just....trying to cope. I ran out of imperium.
Ein: That's not good, Virgil.
Virgil: Is ok, getting that medicine is no easy feat. It costs a lot of money and...is just a lot to do when it comes to it. Having to trade goods when money don't work.
Ein: So even though it costs a lot of gold, sometimes the source won't take the money because they want something...like an artifact?
Virgil: Yeah. They ask for a lot but its worth it. Imperium has been the saving grace of a lot of serants with my permanent condition.
Ein: :/ hmmm.....~Keeps driving~

Dawn: ..makes me wonder if it really does cost a lot to make -she frowns- people hike up prices for something that is produced in large amounts when it barely takes much to make it in the first place you know? Though..what do they tend to ask for?

Virgil: As in form of payments? Well, they ask for...stupid amount of money that goes beyond anything. Among the millions and billions...and even trillions. Its a ridiculous amount.
Ein: So much money. I wonder what they do with it e_e
Virgil: Possibly form alliances with other countries and dimensions who need money. Likely convert the money to gold and silver...you mention it or buy rare items to offer to said leaders from other places. Connections to serants mean a form of ''win'' and dominance over others.
Ein: Geez, yeah. I figured.
Virgil: Well, they ask me for rare things like, ancient crows, jewerly, books and so on. Stuff that is not easy to find in one day.

have you ever been asked to get like angel feathers or something

Virgil: Yeah, something along the lines.