[To Laikren]Abigail: -is roaming around having the time of her life exploring the new area- .. O^O -poofs her hair slightly at she spots the colorful devil not tpp far from her, making her squeak slightly, crawling towards him-

Laikren: ~Sucking on my lollipop like a fvck boy. I'm just chilling with the bros at the moment. That's when I suddenly see you crawling to me~............What the....? Who the hell are you?

Abigail: O^O -blinks and looks up at Laikren, hair poofing up nervously- H-hi! >//^//<

Laikren: ~Looks down at you while I'm sitting all with my leg spread apart and pants tight to my body~..Hi there...? ~A little taken though~

Abigail: I-i'm Abigail, or Abi! Y-You look very pretty! >//w//< -is a bit too blunt and innocent to realise to be careful around strangers, but she finds laikren very beautiful with his colors-

Laikren: Right, right. Where are you from? You are in Jhevil territory, you know?

Abigail: O^O u-uhm.. -she looks around for a moment- Jhevil town? And i'm from a place called u-uhm.. Vinitens! Big big hell realm with pretty stuff O^O -she looks back at Laikren as her hair poofs up a bit- what's a Jhevil town? Are you a Jhevil? What's your name? O/^/O

Laikren: My name is Laikren. And yes I'm a Jhevil. Jhevils live here, in the land of Confusion. A massive piece of land located in the south part of this vast dark world. We are kinda close to the inferno ~Chuckles~ If you were to go to the beach, you can see fire and the clouds turning red at a certain point across the dark seas of this place. We have two major territories. Topsy Turvy and the Labyrinth. We are currently in Topsy Turvy, my home. Though, be careful around here, this place is not called the Land of confusion for nothing. Its all a game here.

Abigail: Land of confusion.. how.. does that work? -more curious Abi climbs up and takes a seat beside Laikren, swinging her tiny legs a bit- I wanna know more! C-can i see fire lake?!

Laikren: Well, the land of confusion has maze like forest and path ways. It also has many, many among many gates that connect to other places in Umbra. If you take the wrong one, it can lead to death. There's also traps and upside down territories. ~Smirks~ Oh, what was that? You want to see Inferno up close?

Abigail: -she looks up at Laikren with her big diffrent colored eyes, looking at him in a excited manner. She squeaks and scoots down and grabbs his hand, tugging on it gently- Mazes and inferno! Can you show me pretty Laikren, Please?! -she bounce up and down excited, her chest jiggling too-

Laikren: Well aren't you a free little fvcking spirit. Alright. I suppose I can give you a tour. ~I suddenly pull you close to me and grip your waist. I place my thumb on your lips and traces your lips with it. It looks like I'm about to kiss you but I lean back and chuckles evilly. Almost, teasing you on purpose. Kneels before you with my back turned~ Get on me,...is piggy back time.

Abigail: -she stares at Laikren for a few seconds and touches her lip he traced feeling her face turning red. She squeaks, snapping back to reality, and climbs up on his back with her petir 4'5feet and wraps her legs and arms around him, letting out a happy purr- where are we going first >//w//<

Laikren: ~Spreads my colorful devil wings and heads to where the main area of mazes is. We are both now in mid air as my semi-large wings flap strongly~ To a fun maze!!!!! I will also show you the city of suits. ~Turns to you and you see my pupils be in the shape of a heart~ I am the devil of hearts. My suit is that of love. Well, my Jhevil classification. Our kind is a combination of clowns/jesters and devils, all combined into one. Thus, a devil like me who could of been more ''dark'' turns out to be colorful for the clown side. Is unknown how Jhevils came to be. A colorful and celestial being getting with a powerful ancient devil and tadah, we came to be but who knows. We are classified as ''twilight'' sometimes for our...duality in our species. We don't know our creators...we might never know. Anyways, I belong to the heart class. Meaning, I'm fill with lots and lots of loooove. ~Grins~

Abi: -she smiles a bit at the sight of his heart shaped eyes, feeling herself blushing again as she listen all ears to him- Is that why your eyes is heartshaped too? Is there.. more heart Jhevils like you, this colorful and pretty? -she giggles and burries her face into him glancing at his wings-

Laikren: Yes. My whole family is heart based actually. We are all devils of hearts. Other devils are based on spades, clubs and diamonds. The rarest of them all is the the devil of pentagrams, aka the stars. Also called the wild cards of our kind. Likely our elders as well, and I say ''likely'' loosely. We don't know ..our origins all that well. So, we can only speculate the star devils are more connected to the past than any other 4 suit devils. ~Keeps flapping my wings and you can see things below changing already as it feels like we entering another dimension, even though we are still within The land of confusion, this goes to show, it is indeed a vast place with many upon many surprises~

Abigail: -frowning she tosses a glance down and looks at the changing envirement beneath them, only to hold onto Laikren a bit tighter as she gets a bit nervous of the sight- so there is more.. o-of you then.. do you have any siblings Laikren? Mom and dad? -tilts her head slightly as she clutch him-

Laikren: ~Chuckles and feels you nervous~ Don't worry, I won't drop you. Yes, I do. I have parents surprisingly. I have about 2 sisters and 1 other brother. With me, we form 4 children my parents made. 2 boys and 2 girls. Just perfect. I haven't been home for a long time. Wow, maybe a few centuries around.

Abigail: -perks her ears up curiously- Maybe we can go home and visit them after you showed me the inferno and mazes?!

Laikren: ~I dive down, spotting the place of mazes first. You see a lot of path ways. But as I land down, there's a huge gate blocking our path to the inside. I carefully set you down on the ground, the ground having many jester designs for tiled floors. One end is all forest but the other end we are at, is as if we just entered wonderland, with floor and everything. Just simply surreal. I take several steps forward and trace my fingers across the huge gates. I touch the symbols on the clowny door~ Hmm, let's see how did the trick to open this...goes. ~Tries to remember~

Abigail: -she looks around the wonderland like maze, stunned by it's beauty as she heads up to Laikren and the gate- Riddle? O^O

Laikren: Yes, a riddle. I'm trying to figure it out. ~Thinks for a bit~ I have come here before but its been a few thousands since I last did. Only ever got inside 4 times. I got lost in it and idk how many years i spent trying to find the exit :D ~Laughs~ Heart, heart, spades, spades equals ??? ~Thinks~ Half? ~Moves the symbols around where I create half of each which complete each other and you hear something unlock, as each symbol glow their respective colors~ Oh!!! Simple enough! Ha! I still have it in me!