Nova's not hot, she's blushing because she finds it sweet that you guys care about her safety. But there's a jealous jester about so be careful.

Virgil: If he wants us to stay away we will. We don't wanna make her boyfriend angry not because we are afraid but because is his girl. I'm not the type to go around stealing people's girlfriends or women or wives. I'm not...looking for someone at the moment either. So its cool
Ein: Same here!!!! So its ok. We are all just bros in here. ^^;;; But seriously if he is jealous of her talking to anyone that could be..kinda problematic. Never smother your lover. I-...I say it from experience :')
Virgil: Aww, Ein don't think about ''that'' now.
Ein: Sorry. ~Sighs~ Wish I handled things better. Would of had ''her'' as my girlfriend if it wasn't for my stupid decisions.
Virgil: Relax, there's always a next time. ~Smiles~

((0////0 *Ham Ham Jester was not expecting them to call me Nova's boyfriend* >///w///< *My yandere dreams have finally come true*))

Virgil: You both make a lovely couple. You deserve each other.
Ein: Yes! Get married!!!! I'm sure Nova would appreciate your love, bro.
Virgil: Mmhmm!!! Wait, that's too quick Ein. You can't just tell people to get married.
Ein: I'm just assuming he loves her that MUCH OvO;
Virgil: Smh, yeah but relationships dont WORK like that. It needs time of growth.
Ein: Sorry, I have been reading too many fanfics written by Serants.
Virgil: -_-

If I may ask who is ‘her’ ein?

Ein: Ugh, I rather not talk about it. Its makes me uncomfortable recalling pass events.
Virgil: Yeah, let's not go there.

Ok for the record, I'm single.

Virgil: Huh? But we were told...
Ein: O_O ~Blinks~ But that..other anon...really likes you.
Virgil: Huh....~Thinks~

Virgil and Ein, you are both beautiful people and you deserve the best of girlfriends seriously. You are both incredibly Smexy. Just going to say this ^-^ hope that wasn't creepy

Ein: Can I take a picture of this and post it on instagram?
You know what I'm just gonna post it. ~Takes the pic of this beautiful message and posts it on Instagram~
Virgil: ~Grins~
Quinn: ~Sees the post~.................humph, oh please... ~Comments on it~
The_red_king: Lmao, cute did your bf send that to you? Bet he did.
Virgil: This guy...
Ein: Let me reply to him >_> this is war.

He is Yandere for her, but Nova is single, though she clearly likes you two, platonically, romantically I suppose only she knows

Virgil: Still, I would never want to make a guy sad nor start a fight over...a lady. Already have enough with that QUINN.
Ein: UGHHH ~Growls just thinking about that mother fvcker~

Anon Nights: *Has a Instagram account for whatever reason* *Sees your and Quinn's posts* Fat@ss_And_I_Know_It: Shut up. Both of you. Grow a pair and admit that you'll always remain a v!rg!n, unlike ME :}

Lol x'D
omg the name.

Heh anons, yes I like you two, you seem like good company, you haven't judged me for my appearance or halfbreed status like some people do. Not to mention you're both gentleman and it's a pleasure to be around you

Ein: Aww that's really sweet! ~Becomes a little embarrassed~ You know its funny, people are usually creeped out by us and our choice to um..look all ''dark''.
Virgil: ~Smiles at Nova happily~ I appreciate the compliment and of course. No one should just judge others for...being different. It sucks to be on that place in life. Tho, never allow people to get you down.
Ein: Yes!!! Keep your head lifted and smile! Spread those wings and fly to the sun!
Virgil: >_> She will get....burned alive if she does that.
Virgil: Oh, my bad. Fly to the moon better, its night time. Not hot and cooler.
Ein: <_______________<; (Thanks for making me look like an idiot yet again)
Virgil: -_-;;;