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all this time or all these time? explain please thanks

"All this time" = during the same time, e.g., "Thanks for the flowers. All this time, I thought that you didn't like me."
"All these times" is not idiomatic. Someone might ask "Do you remember all these times?" but "Do you remember all these moments?" is much better.
BONUS: "All the time" = always, e.g., "My sister gets 100% on her exams all the time, so no one was surprised when she got a perfect score on the college entrance exam."
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Hi, it's good to see you back. I saw your recent post about SEVENTEEN's new album 'Semicolon'. Can u tell me how to use a semicolon in my paper? TY in advance.

Hi. It's good to be back. Things here have changed *a lot*. 😅
A semicolon is basically a period (.); it links two complete sentences together.
For example,
• Henry is hungry; he wants to eat a burrito for dinner.
• It rarely rains in Los Angeles; Henry often wonders why he owns 12 umbrellas.
If you'd like more help about semicolons, check this out: tinyurl.com/y6fk9fd2
Good luck on your paper! 👍
Hi its good to see you back I saw your recent post about SEVENTEENs new album

Do you agree that good things come to those who wait?


To quote a motivational poster, "Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up."

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