what's the difference between anymore & any more. anytime & any time every time / everytime

As adverbs, "anymore" and "any more" are the same. They both mean 'any longer,' e.g., "I don't like cookies anymore" = "I don't like cookies any more."
However, "any more" can be used in a way that "anymore" can't: "I don't want any more phone calls today," which means 'I want no more phone calls today.' (You can't write "I don't want anymore phone calls today." 🙅🏻‍♀️)
"Any time" = any amount of time: "Nan doesn't have *any time* to play video games due to her busy schedule.
"Anytime" = whenever: "Call me *anytime* you're sad; I'm always here for you."
"Every time" is right; "everytime" is wrong. Don't trust any of the song titles that use "Everytime." (However, you can trust SHINee's correct usage: "Every Time.")

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