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And I obviously do not have as much knowledge as you do so I couldn't understand half of the things that you said in that answer 😂sorry but that's the truth. That's all that I know I just want to know how often shall I do the workout

Umm how about you text me on instagram. I'll explain everything. Don't worry I'm not the kind of a person who charges to give information lol. I love helping people to get fit. We can make a plan for you accordingly. If it's okay. Or otherwise It'll be a bit hard to explain here.

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(pt.2) or shall I do them alternate days? Giving time to recover. I don't get it. Can you please help me with it?

Well i think for the best and effective development you can do 2 days of heavy lifts like squats, leg presses and hip thrusts but make sure to have a separate day for your inner thighs, and light exercises like extensions and reverse kick backs and all and one more thing dont train your legs more tha. 3 times a week. But if you're sleeping well. And eating enough. That you recover well then i think you should but I'd recommend train legs twice a week 1 heavy lift and 1 light lift. With an alternative day gap. And make sure to train your upper body as well so everything can stay in proportion

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