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When you need advice, who do you go to?

My mom or my therapist haha

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Why do girls' and boys' clothes have buttons on opposite sides?


For real tho is this true? I have never heard that before, lol

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If you could talk with only one person for the rest of your life, who would it be?

My mom ♡

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What is your favorite midnight snack?

medjool dates
pink lady apples
white chocolate macadamia clif bars


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If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?

Play with my dogs
Talk to a loved one
Go for a walk
Drink some tea or coke zero [because #addicted]
Write a list of the things I need to as To Do lists are life
Take a shower
Breathing exercises
Tackle the thing that is causing me stress head on, if I can
Listen to music
Read a good book
Watch a good TV show or movie
Watch funny or cute vids on YouTube [I love ipanda right now]
Take a break from what is stressing me out and return to it later

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Should animal hunting be banned?

For sport? Yes. Yes. Yes. Immediately. Yes.

For food, well, I'm vegan but I realize that's not a path everyone takes, so hunting for food can't really be banned.

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What sport do you do?

I like to run.
I also like to swim and dance [ballet] but I haven't done either in a while.
I like Pilates, too. I love Pilates actually. It's probably my favourite.

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What is your main rule?

Do not talk about Fight Club.

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Introverts unite. Alone. In our own houses. ✊

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Can taste in music change your opinion about a person?


I am 200% judging you on your music choices 😝💁

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What is your favorite ice cream?

So good vanilla bliss soy ice cream 🍦🍧🍨

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Name 5 things you love


My mom
My family
My friends
My dogs
Jared Leto, lol

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Who is your favorite fictional character?

Meredith Grey ♡

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What are some of the first things you do in the morning?

Let my dogs out, pee, brush my teeth, weigh myself, get dressed for the day. Super exciting, lol

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What do you think makes a person beautiful?

Their personality. Kindness, warmth, caring. When they are really passionate about something that matters to them. Honesty. Integrity. A good sense of humor. Those are some of the most beautiful qualities in my opinion :)

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