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No respect

That is nice. Well have you received an adequate amount of attention from me? I think we're done here. As you were dude

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You walk around on your high horse. But oh well.

Tyra please stop asking questions and making these comments. You're the only one that uses this ask.fm thing. I've entertained it until now but you're starting to annoy me. Goodbye

Congrats on your relationship not to many guys like you who can get a girl

What's that supposed to mean?

Why do you act like your perfect. And why do you act like the world owes you somethig

How do I act that way? Please enlighten me.

What is your current residence right now?

Where my heart is :). Since I don't know who this is, I'll be vague and say the Midwest. Can't have no surprise visitors now can we lol jk

I am so sorry for that. I'm not that person anymore but I feel bad about that. Hope you can forgive me and be friends again.

Sure. Kik me. Same name

what type of women do you usually go for

Honest, smart, God-Fearing, athletic, funny, not shy to talk to me, family oriented, and trustworthy to name a few qualities or traits.

Is there a reason why you stopped talking to me? or tell me what I did to make you not like me anymore?

Came on too strong


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