Ask @TheoMazique165:

You ain't about shit. Nigglets always trying to get big. All I need is one punch to knock you the fuck out.

I am big bigger than you All you need is a tap and you're out cold on the floor and I don't give a FUCK about what you say because you'll always be a pussy ass bitch and you'll never get bigger you'll always stay small look I told you to leave me the FUCK alone but I guess you didn't hear me so I am gonna say it again LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!! BEFORE I BEAT YOUR ASS!!!!!!

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I wanna see you get angry. Get angry lil virgin, lil dick, no pussy getting nigga.

Look I don't care you little Billy goat smelling ass motherfucker you donkey ass smelling motherfucker you pussy ass bitch motherfucker listen and I want you to listen good I will fuck you up if you try to get me and you won't like me when I am angry because I will go off on you like a bullet so heat quit while you are ahead

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