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I saw somewhere that you went to the same school that nichkhun went to. Is he well known there and did more people at your high school know about kpop?

Its pretty much unknown but we only know because a friend was looking through some old photos a teacher had and saw him. He went to our school for only a short while before he transferred to a nicer school in the same district.

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what do you think of this?

Terrible, we are critical but someone that obsessed with body shape is literally sick. It's okay to have opinions but nitpicking about how large an already underweight persons legs are is just sad. Their whole message is any percent body fat is wrong, and not only that but any body fat they perceive whether it is there or not.
South Koreas idea of thin is best is not wrong just unhealthy, not saying that being overweight is healthy though. The obsession with being stick thin and unhealthy dieting is very bad for the body and will lead to further health problems in the future. We know Snsd has Sm's vast resources one of them being professional dietitions making sure they still getting enough nutrition, but other groups are not so lucky. We recall one group talking about their diet being a Dixie cup (like you would get at the dentist to rinse your mouth out) with 3/4 white rice and 1/4 any topping of their choosing at every meal. At most that's only about 700 calories and with that kind of hectic lifestyle they are severely malnourished. Another group was not allowed to drink water or eat anything until their performance in the mid afternoon because their company was worried that it would make them look bloated in their crop tops.
To us this kind of behavior is just sick, and is an unhealthy standard that young girls are being subjected to.

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The worst thing is that he( khj) is only getting fined and it seems like he got her pregnant after he abused her and around the time that he "apologized". It is just disgusting everything that's happening and I don't understand why people are still his fans.

It also seems like people are blaming her. These kinds of people are the reason many victims are too scared to come forward because they feel like they might be at fault. His fans are some sick fucks. I can understand if there was not much proof and waiting to see the evidence but even his texts to his ex girlfriend show his lack of respect and empathy.

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Do you know about all the news about Kim hyun joong numerously assaulting his ex&now she's pregnant and he's the father, here's a link

Her injuries are pretty serious, and on top of that domestic violence is a serious problem. No one should ever abuse their partner or anyone else. If it is true he attacked her he should go to jail just like any other person. He deserves for his life to be ruined because he did an inexcusable act. On top of that the girl should not be talking with him especially with how much of a dick he is when they are texting.
The whole situation is fucked.

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Just what u think abt stars like Taylor swift, Katy perry or rappers like nicki minaj, eminem, or iggy azalea; if u like any of them

I literally hate all of those people, Katy Perry is the only one that is even stomachable. They are all fame hungry money hungry sellouts that don't have any originality. Also iggy azalea is a racist talentless bitch that really needs to disappear.

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Do u ever regret spending too much time on kpop in high school? Do u think it's something you would do again if you were given the choice?

I do not believe we spent an unreasonable amount of time on it, I the Peach listens to music more often and for longer periods of time than high school. It was a perfectly fine form of entertainment but by no means was all encompassing. All people have their own kinds of time sucks whether it be hit tv show or tumblr. We still did other things; got good grades, kept up with American pop culture, socialized with friends from school. Also since many of our friends from school also liked kpop it had its place in our real world social lives.

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