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Para los amantes del motor o curiosos. ¿Notáis, en diferentes puntos de España, gustos dispares sobre vehículos, marcados? ¿Haríais algún tipo de diferenciación entre norte y sur, o interior y costa, por ejemplo?

StephClaireS’s Profile PhotoEnjoy the silence.
Been in Spain a while ago, on the east side.
Haven't noticed that detail.
I love that country.
Para los amantes del motor o curiosos Notáis en diferentes puntos de España

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How good do you know English?

NekoAnnieGacha’s Profile PhotoNeko Annie
I've had my first english lesson in 5th grade, until high school.
I had good grades but it's not what only helped me.
I regularly watch videos, to understand British and American accent.
I always translate words that I don't understand, that's how I've reached a good level.
How good do you know English


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