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What is the worst excuse you've ever heard?

I have a thing... Before she stared blankly for ten seconds and checked her phone.

Whats your most annoying habit?

I never wear shoes indoors...or pants...or even shirts most of the time...basically I like being naked whenever possible.

Name one thing you dream about at night!

Stories...for some reason I dream in short films. Usually horror or fantasy.

The last time you had six?

Six? Do you perhaps mean sex?
If you mean sex then cyber is last week, real is three weeks.
If you mean six then six of what? I have six short stories entered into competitions...does that count?

Do you believe people 'become their praise'? If so, have you become yours?

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.....I don't know. You'd have to ask someone who's praised me.
This is kind of a deep question, bravo

How emotionally intuitive would you say you are? Can you easily pick up on the feelings of others?

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I dont really have much in the way of empathy 90% of the time. It occasionally comes across as being rude or evil but I rarely want to be.
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Are there any topics on which you feel more educated or experienced than others? If so, how did you gain that understanding?

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Seafaring...as a seafarer. Some obscure sci fi as a nerd. Videogames because I m a lifelong gamer.
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In what ways are you mad?

Mad as in angry not very many. Mad as in not normal...well Im a wee bit impulsive, dont trust people too much and I dont living in one place too long

What is your purpose for being on this site? Has it deviated at all from the purpose you had when you first came to Ask?

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Purpose? Basically to see how people from other places answer stuff. Broaden viewpoint etc

What kinds of storylines would you like to see more of on television or in the movies? Have you found shows that have those storylines? If so, which ones are they?

Mental health, chronic pain, endometriosis...medical conditions society forgets about but can seriously limit your ability to enjoy life
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