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Serial word abuser, why did you chose that name?

I love writing, almost to the point of addiction but not all of it is good. Sometimes I spit out such terrible stuff I feel like I'm abusing the words.
Hence I am a Serial Word Abuser. It's a statement of self identity.

What kinds of storylines would you like to see more of on television or in the movies? Have you found shows that have those storylines? If so, which ones are they?

Mental health, chronic pain, endometriosis...medical conditions society forgets about but can seriously limit your ability to enjoy life
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If you had to change your first name, what name would you choose?

By virtue of having the most boringly English name ever I've had plenty of assumed names to choose from: timothy, jack, tom, jim, terry, thomas, Tommy, turbo, gunny, gun, eddie, ed, smithy, smiddy, stiffy, splif, wogga, taz, tess and my personal favourite is three names barrelled together as Territhomasjim.
I think I'd go with something interesting and sophisticated....like Emanuel or Bartholomew.

I totally feel you on the loving to write but spewing out terrible things part, I constantly feel like writing down anything and everything but once I put the words in my mind onto paper it's all just a big mess and it's completely demotivating

Never give up. Writing is hard and only the lucky ones get noticed but being able to sit down with a manuscript you've worked on and see your world come alive is beautiful. Practice improves your writing, as does reading.
Just never give up.
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How emotionally intuitive would you say you are? Can you easily pick up on the feelings of others?

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I dont really have much in the way of empathy 90% of the time. It occasionally comes across as being rude or evil but I rarely want to be.
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Are there any topics on which you feel more educated or experienced than others? If so, how did you gain that understanding?

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Seafaring...as a seafarer. Some obscure sci fi as a nerd. Videogames because I m a lifelong gamer.
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What sport do you like watching but hate playing?

Im actually kind of the reverse. I dont like watching most sports but love playing them
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