What is the Children’s Peace Movement?

In 1996, the story of the Children’s Peace Movement began. This international project is made possible thanks to UNICEF and is carried out exclusively by children. The origin of this practice is Columbia, and since it has started, it’s helped mobilize over three million Colombian children. Graca Machel, a UN Secretary General back in 1996, went to Colombia to evaluate the impact that armed conflicts were having on children.
She visited Apartado, a small town that was ravaged by armed guerrilla conflicts. After receiving thousands of poems, drawings and letters from children demanding respect of children’s rights and overall peace, she helped these young activists form the Children’s Movement for Peace, a movement that organizes fun and cultural activities meant to promote peace.
Since 2009, he has been listed as a Patron for the Movement’s subsidiary movement, On Own Feet. This Czech-based group helps facilitate mutual relations between adolescents and children in a number of countries, including the Czech Republic, Canada, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Canada and more, with children living in war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

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