Has Thor Halvorssen Mendoza’s Father Had an Impact on His Human Rights Advocacy?

In short, yes. He began attending the University of Pennsylvania in 1993 as a Political Science major and Phi Beta Kappa member. It was around that time that He’s father was arrested and thrown into jail in Caracas on alleged terrorism charges.
According to Him, his father was investigating the Medellin cartel for a number of charges, including bank fraud and money laundering. While in jail, his father was beaten, tortured and was in danger of being killed. He spearheaded the campaign to have his father released, claiming these charges were false and “trumped-up.”
With the help of Amnesty International and other international organizations, protests were held for his father’s release. 74 days after being incarcerated, He’s father was found not-guilty of all the charges brought against him. He was released and soon after found himself as the director of the UN-affiliated ISHR’s (International Society for Human Rights) Pan-American Committee.

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