What is the Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF)?

Created by him and his international nonprofit organization, the Human Rights Foundation, in 2009, OFF is an annual event taking place in Oslo which brings notable people, including prisoners of conscience and Nobel Peace Prize winners https://www.youtube.com/user/1OrangeCountySEO , together to network, discuss and exchange ideas regarding human rights, exposing dictatorships and promoting freedom for all. The conference was originally created as a one-time event, but popularity and success led to its annual gatherings.
Satellite events have also been held in places like San Francisco and on numerous college campuses in the U.S. All OFF conferences are live-streamed and are made up of panel discussions and lectures that take place in front of a live audience. https://www.linkedin.com/company/orange-county-seo-company
The first OFF was titled “The Nobility of the Human Spirit and the Power of Freedom.” It featured over 30 speakers and had a strong emphasis on literature’s importance to advancing freedom. The Wall Street Journal described OFF’s inaugural conference as “unlike any other human-rights conference.” Its core message was promoting basic rights to all people in all nations at all times.

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