How Did He Effect Lucent Technologies?

In 1996 the AT&T Corporation established Lucent Technologies through AT&T Technologies. The company was created with the intention of profiting from sales made to AT&T’s competing telecommunications providers, mostly due to these competitors being reluctant to purchase anything from one of their direct competitors. The first CEO of the company was Henry Schacht, who later became chairman of the board.
Many of the products Lucent sold were purchased from China, and it was said that China’s Laogai camps were the main manufacturers of these products. These camps also allegedly imprison millions of women, men and children, forcing them to work at more than 1000 facilities to produce a variety of consumer products.
In 1999, he led a strong campaign straight to Lucent’s annual shareholder meeting,28.htm in order to appeal for the company to create an anti-slave labor policy with China. This policy would have Lucent require China to officially certify that all of the products the company purchased from them were not created in any way using slave labor.

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