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How’s that ass of yours? Taking any good poundings lately?

I could care less about what’s left on, I care about the connection.

Bet you look super sharp in a well fitted slim fit suit. You got the height, slim build and a nice jaw line for the extra pop!

Haha I need to get a few. Like a dark hunter green one, w grey one and navy blue.
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Are you ready for the weekend?

Yeah I’m excited as well. I’m going to the drive in with my handsome boyfriend and then we got a hotel room. I’m gonna walk out of there with leg braces and a spine realignment.

What is something Daddy does that makes you instantly hard?

When he’s driving and puts his hand on my thigh. I have the sudden urge to grab the wheel and crash into oncoming traffic because I’d die happy.
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Would you make someone choose between you or someone else.??

If there isn’t a definitive answer and someone has to decide if I’m worth their time, they’re not worth mine.

Do you prefer a guy with chest hair or smooth?

I love all types of men but there’s something about a little hair on em

Sounds like someone had a great weekend! 💦

I definitely did. A cute little date night with Nick, followed my him WRECKING me. Anything for daddy💘

I love you still. I know you're not into me and never will be. So do me a solid and talk to me so I can rid myself of these feelings. No?


What is your favorite and least favorite plant?

Fiddle Leaf would be my favorite or the very common pothos. I dislike anything flowery.


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