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I really love your jeans in this post: Where did you get them?

These jeans are one of my oldest pairs! I think they are by Flying Monkey - love any type of moto jean, which is what I recommend searching for if you are looking for a similar pair. <3

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What type of camera do you use, and what camera would you suggest for a new blogger?

I use a Nikon D610 which I'm totally in love with - I use it for video as well and it's amazing. I started out with the Nikon D90 which I definitely recommend as a starter camera. The one thing to know about it however, is that it's not full frame like the D 610, which means its capabilities are a bit more limited. However it's great for getting comfortable with an SLR. I also recommend a 50 mm lens as the first lens you buy as you can shoot outfits, beauty, products, and to some degree, interiors.

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@carlyincontro asks, "Would you rather sneeze glitter or cough confetti?”

Cough confetti. Sounds kind of awesome actually, plus I hate glitter because it never goes away

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How often do you come to Toronto?

Once or twice a year - we have friends and fam there so we make a point to visit as often as we can.

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More of a compliment than a question but I just saw your video on packing and I couldn't place who you looked like and then it hit me...You're the (half) Asian Cameron Diaz. :) Who do you most often get mistaken for (if at all)?

Ha you nailed it! I get Cameron Diaz the most followed by Gal Gadot and
Monica Belluci and when my hair was black, Kim K. Minus a few assets I suppose.... ;)

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What is your heritage? You are beautiful!

Thank you so much!! I'm a mix - Chinese and Norwegian are the biggest parts (1/2 Chinese) but there's lots of other stuff in there too. It's kind of a mixed plate :)

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Do you do your own makeup for photo shoots? If so, you really know how to play up your gorgeous bone structure and skin! :)

Thank you, that's very sweet! 99% of the time I do my own makeup. A two products I rely on constantly - Juice Beauty tinted moisturizer (it's amazing) and Benefit Hulu bronzer, which I also use as an everyday eyeshadow. I also love that these are two products that don't take a lot of skill to use well which is great since I'm usually in a big rush out the door or onto set! xx

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how tall are you?

almost 5'10

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Hi! I'm a makeup artist based in San Francisco and would love to collaborate, how can I contact you regarding this?

Shoot me an email! xx :)

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What was Sharon Osborne like in person?

She was incredibly sweet. Also, I had never realized how pretty her eyes are! Super sparkly. :)

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How are you a misfit when you seem to just fit right in?

Kind of glad this question got asked because here's the thing. It speaks to a persona pet peeve I have about the notion of being a 'rebel' just for the sake of being a 'rebel.' If you're going to break the rules, you had better know why you're doing it. Otherwise, it's wasted energy that doesn't help the world whatsoever. That's why the blog is named 'Thoughtful Misfit' and not just 'Misfit.' Because I really do believe that everything should be done with intention and thought. So if something makes sense to me, I go along with it. And if it doesn't, I find my own way to do it.

On another note, sometimes there's nothing really wrong with fitting in. I think the over-romanticization of the concept of 'Individualism' has become a very hegemonic concept. It's sold to us in every kind of messaging. From tacos, to the kind of car we drive, it's a commercialized term that has lost its meaning. Fitting in can be a tool and an asset, and it can also be a means to connect with people on a very personal level. And when you're able to stop thinking about 'fitting in' and 'standing out' in black and white, that's where true individualism begins.

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Hi :) I've read your diet is mostly plant based. Do you mind sharing what a days menu might be especially where your always on the go? Thx Michelle

Hey Michelle! Yes my diet is mostly plant based, although I have brought fish and eggs back for protein. I don't eat meat or dairy or processed sugar, however, and I also don't drink.

I try to start my day with two eggs over easy cooked in coconut oil - my favorite breakfast! Or I'll do a slice of gluten free bread (if on hand, I'm not fully strict on this as I'm not gluten intolerant) and raw, organic almond butter. If I need to switch things up, I like steel cut oats with an egg mixed in, cooked in water - or raw steel cut oats with blueberries, raspberries, and whatever other berries I have around, soaked in almond milk and topped with coconut shreds. For a lazy (and therefore quick) lunch, I like to keep pre-cooked quinoa in little bags (about a half cup) and a big bag of organic, pre-washed spinach - that way I can just toss them together and make a quick salad. My desk at Joyus is kind of hilarious - I have my own pantry! I keep olive oil and balsamic vinegar on hand (often flavored, which makes simpler salads easier to switch up), and I'll finish off my salad with these. I also keep a bag of raw almonds and walnuts on hand for snacks, as well as lots of apples and bananas. And I also keep a few bpa free cans of salmon to add if I'm feeling the need for more protein.

Nikko always makes dinner, but my favorite quick options are roasted or sautéed veggies, polenta, more quinoa, and lots of beans. Sometimes I put in an egg for more protein. LMK if you're interested in some dinner recipes, Nikko's been cooking up some crazy stuff lately and we could easily share them ;)

Oh - and dessert - lazy dessert that I don't have to feel bad about - walnut bits chopped with strawberries or other berries, drizzled in honey, eaten like granola. So good.

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what's your birthday/what sign are you?

Funny I should be answering this now, my birthday is actually this Tuesday. And I'm an Aries - pretty solidly true to the sign. Although I have a Sagittarius rising and a moon in Scorpio. I think?

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I love your video diaries, especially "Come Over." Did you design/decorate your space yourself or did an interior designer help you? I LOVE it! So warm and inviting. :)

So happy you're loving the video diaries! And thank you so much, I'm happy you appreciate our place! My husband Nikko and I designed and decorated it together - we have similar tastes so it was pretty easy, but it's really a mix of both our styles. I do have to give him most of the credit though, as he did most of the renovating and grand design. He expanded the bathroom, changed the shower completely, built out my closet, and put in new floors everywhere. And he just added a sliding barn door that I'm so excited about. Next up, the kitchen...

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What is your biggest fear or worry?

Most of my worries have to do with the ones I love - how I can protect them or make their lives even better. But I've also been terrified of balloons ever since the 3rd grade. Does that count?

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What is your usual breakfast?

I have a couple that I rotate. I always try to start with lemon water and fruit to alkalize my system. Then it's coffee! Black espresso is my favorite. And then it's either avocado on toast, or steel cut oats soaked in almond milk with berries and sometimes chia. Once in a while an egg, but I usually save it for lunch - an egg fried in coconut oil over greens is one of my fave quick lunches!

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What did you do before you started the blog?

I was a fashion writer/editor and a stylist. Before that, I modeled in the US and abroad, but was always writing. I was also in a band with my husband.

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How do you stay in shape?

My top four practices: I don't restrict amount of food that I eat and I don't count calories - but I am strict in the type and quality of food that I eat. I workout average 4 times a week, 3 intensive on strength and one day of cardio (mental clarity more than anything), I don't drink alcohol, and I never weigh myself

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What was your other blog and why'd you move to this one?

My last blog was a partnership while Thoughtful Misfit is entirely my own. Since TM is purely my voice, it just made sense to change the name.

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On the Joyus videos, in the 3 items to update your fall wardrobe, you are wearing these cute suede peep toe cutout booties. Who makes these and where can I get them?

They're made by Matt Bernson and were available on Joyus but I think they're sold out now. I think these are the ones you are talking about: Let me know if it's not and I'll look into it more

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How would you describe yourself?

Depends in which facet we are speaking. But introspective, goofy, focused, strong, and mile-a-minute are definitely words I would include.

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Do you meet some people who think making a blog like yours is vain? How do you deal with criticism like that or of any kind?

I've actually never had that type of commentary with the blog. But I do think that women are often encouraged to play down their looks in order to emphasize their intelligence, and vice versa. My perspective is that you can celebrate beauty and intelligence simultaneously, which is part of my goal with Thoughtful Misfit.

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Have you had any issues with people in relation to your blog?

For the most part, no - but I have definitely met some amazing people through it.

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What do your family and friends think of your blog?

They're very supportive!

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Who takes your pictures?

My husband Nikko takes all my photos - he's definitely my partner in crime!

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