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Plans this weekend

nothing but eat 😅 & workout & waiting 8 days 🍜 & having hard feeling

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pls help me i have this friend (who's a girl) who acts really nice to me maybe even a bit flirtatious does she like me?

Uhmm, just cause she act nice & flirtatious doesn't mean she like you, because like everyone that is single is freely to act, & maybe she just trying to be really friendly?

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You are Hella inactive on here

oh sawrrry 😂😐🙄

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Likers get tbh?

Kevin Hwang

Let's go why not 😂😂😂 who want tbh?

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2017 wishlist?

2017 goals instead: 😝
• meet my future
• do good at school & basketball
• spend more time with family
• spend less time on social media

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Of course that's a cute outfit 😍😍👀!

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did u enjoy 201666 at all?

Nah, it was a bad year honestly 😟😒!

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What is prohibited in your country?

no littering, yet everyone still does it 😬😂

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You doing anything for your bday?

Nothing 😂🏼 Just chilling at home sleep, play basketball & eat! 😴 Daily routine!

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Pap chat with ur sweetheart😍😍

I dun have one 😭🙄😂.

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Hi Tiffany <3

Jenny Diep

Hey ❤️❤️‼️

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Happy Birthday 💓

Also happy birthday to my twin 👀❤️😻 @daisyyle ‼️ thank you so much !

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how should i treat my girlfriend? we just started dating and i don't know how to treat her. what if i hurt her and didn't mean to? HEEEEEELPPPPPPP

Treat her like a princess 😊‼️

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If a person left me on seen should I stop talking to them?

You should still talk to them if you really do! 😉

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grade and school?

My grade are 4 "A" and 2 "B" ✏️✔️ & I go to JLHS

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rate: 10 ! 💗

thanks ❤️😝

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What do you want for Christmas?

All I want for Christmas is "YOU" 👀🤔😂‼️

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Every girl tend to speak out opposite of what they actually feels. Right?

Yes is true 😴:
I'm fine - I'm not fine
I don't need you - I need you
I don't want you - I want you
I don't want to talk to you - I want to talk to you

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Should I talk to a guy that left me because he found someone else?

No, TBH! I mean he left for a reason & is because he think the other girl is better than you. Right? so why would you waste your time trying to talk to him 😬🤔 anon!

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tbh ur background photo so tumblr woowz tbh idrk u that well we should get to know each other?

kevin ✨

thank you so much 👀😴 Of course sure 😊 HMU!

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What do you want a guy to treat you like if he was your boyfriend?

- call & text me first 🤔
- his first priority ‼️
- care for me 😌
- love me ❤️
- be jealous 😡
- giving me a sweet morning/ night long text 💘👀

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What do you expect in guys?

• personality
• treating me right
• actually love me
• really care for me
• respect

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tbh- hi tiffany !!! 💗 you're so sweet & so gorgeous 😤 im jealous aha , i barely talk to you, so we should talk more ! we should- talk more :-)

Hey ❤️!!! Awnn nah I'm not even gorgeous 😫! Of course let's start a "streak" 😝

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Today tho 😝

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Are you friends or know anyone that's Cambodian, Lao, or Thai? (Siam people) 🇰🇭🇱🇦🇹🇭

Of course 😂😂👀

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