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So is it okay to spend most of the time with my girlfriend and forget about my friends?

Your real friends are gonna chill wit u and ur girl do it friends give u blowjob's and emotionally support you?

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If you could live your life again please name one thing that you would absolutely do again, and identify the one thing you would not repeat?

I wouldn't change nothin

What's your best side hustle to make money? Or are you just rich and don't need it?

Momma told me...

Will you be with me

Zkrr taken u gotta ask my wife if you could have a ride and unless u someone rly cool she not with it

Do you care if people online don’t think you are telling the truth? Especially when it comes to your personal life?

I could care less

Give me your one of your favorite songs and il reply with one of my own

MaRiTxQuEeN95’s Profile PhotoMaRiBeL❤
Fav punk: burn them prisons- leftover crack
Fav hip-hop: above the clouds- gang starr
Fav new rap heartless- polo g
Fav country big river- johnny cash

❓Any particular reason you frequent this app? ...other than the obvious - answering and asking questions


If someone challenged you to a fist fight, what would your reaction be?

Back out on them and ask them to leave me alone.

If Your Partner was doing almost everything right since you guys met (treat you so good you have no complaints) but you founded out he was sleeping with a friend. Would you leave or try to work it out?


Do you care if your significant other talks about their ex?

No we talk about our exes all the time in a constructive msnner


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