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What's it like having a lizard on your shoulder? What's it feel like? And we're you wearing a shirt???

yeah dude ?

What it feel like having a snake on your neck? What do they feel like ?

like a snake on your neck? I can't explain it

Did you put the snake on your neck or let it crawl around on you at all?

snake on my neck when I was young

That's cool. What kinds of snakes or reptiles did you hold?

garden snakes and lizards and like reptiles from pet stores

When you get a haircut do they shave your neck and stuff? And how do they do it?

yeah they just use a raiser to save the back.

I'm a boy asking haircut questions I'm sorry

oh you're good, I usually get like a 1.5 or a 2 on the sides but after that I just use gel sometimes to put it how I want.

Who cuts your hair? I like it

my hair is shit but thank you though ? and some chick cuts it at great clips


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