Ask @TimHenson:

I'm having some really bad writer's block. I usually find that forcing myself to write something will usually put myself on track to write something that I actually impress myself with. But right now, nothing seems to be working. What do you do in these types of situations?

Listen to other genres of music. Try writing with something other than your main instrument. Sometimes I'll midi out ideas and melodies into the piano roll of my DAW.

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Hello Tim ;) I'm an Ibanez-Player, too. My question is: Do your guitars have low action? What can you say about buzzing strings? Is it possible to get low action without buzzing strings? BTW, love „Bittersweet" by you. I wish, I could have the tabs. Greetings from Germany :)

All of my guitars have very low action. With the proper set up, there won't be any buzz. Look up some YouTube vids! And thank you, you can get the tabs at :)

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