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Okay you have the best sense of style can you be like my personal stylist omg your hair is so freaking cute too like I swear you can pull anything off!! Did you get your sweater in your last Instagram pic at brandy melville?!? It's so cute

Awh!!! You just made me so happy! Thank you so much! I'm not sure where I got my sweater!

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what do your parents do for a living

My mom stays at home. My step dad works in Alaska. My real dad works at a truss company.

do you think its good to move to a different state during high school and is it scary going to a new school where you don't know anyone please help me

I regret it. Don't do it.
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do you think girls should save their virginity for someone special or marriage or is it not really that big of deal that everyone makes it, basically whats your view on virginity

I think that if you meet the right person. Then go for it! But don't just throw your cat at ppl!

I think you are one of the few good people left in this world. I don't know you very well but you seem like you have a big heart and a good head on your shoulders. You are beautiful inside and out and I hope everything in your life is everything you hoped it to be and more you deserve the best Tina

You have no idea how happy you just made me. I've had such a bad week. But this just my entire week. Thank you so much! Please tell me who this is!!<3

did you pass your license test the first time can you give me tips im taking it next week

Yeah I did. Read the book! It really does help. And when you're taking your driving part, make sure you're looking around at your surroundings a lot! Good luck!(:

when are you getting your braces off?

In 5 to 6 months! It's a long ways away. But it's sooner then when I was gonna get them off in Oregon!

why did you switch orthodontists when you moved? doesnt it cost like 5,000 just to change drs?

My ortho here is much cheaper than the one in Oregon! Plus my mom would have to but me a plan ticket like every 2 months! Pluuusss! With the ortho here, I'll be able to get my braces off sooner!!(:

I heard you have drama with aesia. Saw it on twitter before . What hppened with that

Long story. I'm over it! I don't want any drama man!


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