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is this a bad time to time to talk ouo; and sorry for the rickroll video lol just wanted to have a Lil laugh yah know ^^;; anyways just came to talk about more characters I should draw, but again wonder if this a bad time to talk >~~>

IMA_POTATOdude’s Profile Photomelon or potato
oh no this isn't a bad time, i didn't click the video yet tbh XD do um..nathan!

I don't want you to think lesser of me just because of my personality flaws. I still want to be your friend, but I also understand if you don't want to be friends with me due to my saying something totally inappropriate. So I'm just going to send you this apology and hope for the best. Sincerely, me

BendyTheDancingDemon’s Profile PhotoHam Ham Jester
I accept your apology, but I'm going to be honest here bendy: I do not condone that you are saying you lashed out because you were moody. That doesn't excuse how you acted and the things you said to me. I shouldn't have to walk on egg shells with my friends when i am honest about stuff with things they say, and tbh you said some things that i found just down right wrong. I do not think friendship is going to work after yesterday. I believe you need to reflect on somethings and think before you jump off that cliff.
You are a good guy with faults, yes, we all have faults, but somethings were said and it is a big trigger for me. I don't enjoy that, and i would rather distance myself from that stuff.

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Look, I'm sorry ok? I was in a really bad mood yesterday, and I said something I REALLY shouldn't have said. And to make things worse, I lashed out slightly because your response only made me angrier. I understand if you aren't able to forgive me as I have a hard time forgiving myself, but...

BendyTheDancingDemon’s Profile PhotoHam Ham Jester

If you had to choose a type of color that you thought represented yourself, which would it be?

Blue..like the color of my aura ouo

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new?

Hmm..going to a bar with some friends owo

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?

Hmm..work out..draw..depends on my mood I guess XD

What are the things you want to avoid in a relationship?

Hmm..controlling people..abusive people..anyone who tries to change me to suit their needs owo


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