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Ну привет! 😊 Песня в которой много мата, отсттой или гуд?


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Кого из писателей читаете?

I've been reading Scott Cunningham's books lately.I read Oriental literature daily (manga, manhwa and manhua)
Кого из писателей читаете

Цитата дня)

"Our world is so complex and unusual that we are unlikely to be able to solve all its mysteries, as well as understand the nature of all incredible events and phenomena.But it is in our power to try to do this, and then each of us will be able to find the key to a secret that has remained lost, hidden or incomprehensible for humanity for thousands of years."
Judy Allen.
Цитата дня

Секс без обязательств

A head without a brain.
А chest without a heart.
A body without a soul.
Секс без обязательств

Знаете ли вы, что такое Таро?

I know.
Moreover, I have three Tarot decks, I will soon acquire a fourth deck.
I also have a bag with runes and three thematic books.
Знаете ли вы что такое Таро

Приходилось ли вам быть пмихологом для близкого человека?



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