Why did you choose Togedie as your online name?

well it started quite a lot of years ago actually. before i didn't really have a user name so i just my own name but with the letter D at the end... not even sure why that was anymore. but later on i was like: i need a nickname, not just my own name. so i started using scorpionn (yes the double n). then i wasn't really all that of a social gamer. it was mostly just playing solo minecraft or playing tf2 in a lobby i knew nobody in. i used it for a year or two but i never really was happy about it because its just a word that already exists which isn't really all that creative of a nick name. so then after a few months maybe even years of having this word in my head which was togedie (but not in a sense of togedie but more as in to-ged-ie.) i decided it was time for change. then when i decided i'm done with being this loner gamer i submitted a portal 2 map to ragegamingvideo because i found he played user submitted maps and i loved the game. then at the same time i changed my name to Togedie as i wasn't happy with scorpionn and i wanted to change it plus togedie was the word i had in my head for months already so i thought why not. then the day after i changed my name rage posted the episode and called me toge die. i explained him how to propperly say it but he was like no i'm going to call you toge die. so then my name became togedie.
a bit of an extended answer xD i know but its kinda the first time i ever explain it to anyone. surprisingly there is more to my name then just a combination of 7 letters. thinking back on it i made the right step and i'm happy being togedie.
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