I have a Dutch friend who is weird like you. I conclude from this that Dutch people are all aliens, and your whole national border is a portal to your planet. Do you deny this? (I mean, I'm an alien too, but from a different planet.)

I can't give you such classified information but i can confirm that i'm weird... So thats something.
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Who was your first "video game crush"?

Ara fusilli... I was very little and its from the sims 2 ds game
Who was your first video game crush

Your springs may be broken, but you hold a special place in someones heart

Then they better go find a doctor because i don't think its healthy to have a place in your heart where there's a trampoline...

If you're not a fan, then what are you? A toaster? ....... ....... ....... I apologise for that terrible joke...

I am a trampoline thank you very much

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