Do you think of yourself as a good person? (I don't hold anything against you, I just think it's a interesting question)

I try and be a nice guy to every one, i might come over as someone who thinks fuck everything but i actually care for the people i talk to and whenever someone needs me i'm there ^^
On the other hand in the past i've done things and said thing that i really regret. It was when my depression was getting worse and i was just generally a dick to everyone. I lost some friends because of it and i still regret it but i'm done with being depressed now so yay? I'm trying my best to never be such a person anymore.
I hope this answers your question
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Ara fusilli... I was very little and its from the sims 2 ds game
Who was your first video game crush

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Then they better go find a doctor because i don't think its healthy to have a place in your heart where there's a trampoline...

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I am a trampoline thank you very much

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