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Where did your name come from?

I've answered it before, its a... Long answer so i'm not going to type it all again, go scroll down on my profile, its somewhere

I have not asked you anything in over a year, wow. So, how have you been? :)

I've been... Alive? I guess... Lots has happened and most of it i'm happy with

What do you wish for this Christmas? :) (it's okay to be materialistic)

Not being bored? Idk... Don't really celebrate it other than being with my dad and girlfriend. I'm fine with it tho ^^ don't really wish for anything else.

Why do you like smiling clouds puking out rainbows as your profile picture?

Leon Hojoz
before this picture i just ripped some picture from the internet and added my name in colour letters.
this one i took some pictures from the internet. put them together to make the one i have now. and as i have nothing else to use as profile picture i'll just stick with this.

What is the furthest place from home you've visited?

Some place in Greece that i can't even remember visiting because i was very young

i can haz cheezbugrer?

No! You might be lactose intolerant and this is you trying to commit suicide!! I'm not gonna help you commit suicide! Go to a psychologist they'll help you!! You're a wonderful important human being and it'd be a waste if you were gone! You matter!

Have you ever been bitten?

My cat bit my hair when i was hugging him because it poked him in the face... I think that counts right?

Are you generally a more optimistic or pessimistic person?

i'm very realistic which gets confused with pessimistic a lot so i guess i'll be that then

3 people you are glad that you met?

Well... 'Met' more like found rage online, i have met him tho at egx last year :p to him i pretty much owe my entire online life
Also meraknar who is now online one of my best friends
And someone in real life that nobody will know anyways :p


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