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Yow booped me at 4am this morning so I boop you now *boops nose*

<3 sleep is hard okay... i was trying to go to sleep at 2am... as you can see it didn't work out

yea, I had one on Tuesday and I think I have one in two weeks. Just monitoring my blood because I'm on immunosuppressants. but yea, merry Christmas!

*select immunosuppressants* *cmd + c* *opens google* *resets terrible internet* *re-opens google* cmd + v* *enter*... oh damn thats no good :/

I see your point and I understand, especially considering Christmas is a Christian celebration of Jesus which people just use to get and give presents. And yea, fair enough, I'm bored too. I'm excited for Christmas because hopefully it will be a happy time and I get a week off of having a blood test

oh dear, a blood test? that doesn't sound good D: you better get that week off of it!

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Are you excited about Christmas? Well, I hope you have a good one!!

I'm not really that much of a Christmas person myself. I just don't feel like just because this one day its Christmas everyone should stop what they're doing and get together. you need to always do what you want to do. if you really want to be with someone else, you will make time for them on another days then Christmas. sure everything has a festive atmosphere and all but I'm not really all that keen of it. most of it is just marketing for stores. not really my type of decoration.
bit of an extended answer I know :p I'm just really bored okay... don't hate
but if you really like Christmas I don't have anything against it so I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Have you heard of colitis? well, it's Chrones and Colitis awareness week and I suffer with colitis, so I'm raising awareness because I want a cure :(

i have never heard of it but i'll be sure to spread the word for you ;)

Heyo, how is life?

the last 4 days i was sick at home and there's no internet because the provider was like hah nope... it'll be fixed somewhere next weekend until then there's only 1 stick with internet... no idea how that works. never been this happy to go to school :p right now my life is okay i guess. i survived!!

Heyo! How are you?

i'm fine ^^ tnx for asking, i would ask how you are but i don't know who you are because you posted it anonymous :x

No question, just here to tell you, you are a neeeeeerd <3

well then... no idea who you are but i will probably not find out because i'm lazy but suck!

Toge-toge-togedie do you have school today?? Almost 6am, not 4pm see! I'm awake for this, are you?

Anzlotte’s Profile PhotoDanni
i do have school >.< i have a way too long day till 17:00 :/ have to leave in like 30 minutes and i'm just sitting here behind my laptop.
its still too early to make correct english sentences xD

notice me cookie sempai?

C is for cookie. cookies have noticed you! you are blessed by the cookie gods and are allowed to eat all of them cookies!

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