“When I think of the constellations,
I think of you, And me,
And the way our fibres have Intertwined to create a story Worth telling for generations.
The story of two lost souls,Looking for answers to questions That haven't been asked yet.You and I, We come from the same atom;When the universe was created,the very essence of our souls Were torn apart, only for them to find each other again. When I look at the constellations,I see your eyes lightning up as you laugh,Your dimples when you smile.I see the beginning of the universe,And every possible thing that could have prevented our souls from reuniting-Time, distance, just life in general.Yet here we are,Walking the world together.I like to think that in every universe,Every reality,Even the reality where the sun is purple,People sleep during the day,And teenage lovers talk secret walks under the sunlight,You and I still find each other.
When I look at the constellations,
I see a story-Our story-The story of light,And darkness,Finding solace in their way as we will fill each other's Empty place.”

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