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Will I return to Osu?

I will occasionally log on every now and then, usually just to map, talk, or short sessions of playing. I don't plan to play Osu as much as I have before, due to the community and other personal reasons. Although, I will be more active on Nosue than Osu. Just like many other players such as Kaoru and SapphireGhost, this game has caused much damage to me, and those close to me.

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1 Year

After playing 1 year of CtB, I have come to rant about many things that I have experienced throughout this time.
First of all, the drama. When I first joined #ctb, I really enjoyed it because of the amazing community. When I started playing Osu in 2013, I never talked to anyone because #osu was too much for me and I only played StD mode until I tried other modes in 2014, hence discovering CtB. Though fun to talk with, sometimes #ctb changes into moe talk or hating on other players (on other sites as well). It made me think how Osu in general can get out of hand sometimes.
Next, pp and mapping. Not that I want to offend anyone, but I feel that many people just play people's maps that they put so much effort on because of "PP" This is extremely rude to the map creators, especially when I see comments like "Free PP!" or "PP map!" These disgust me. I would also like to say that people seem to underestimate HD mod and think it is a "free mod and shouldnt even be mod/counted as score multiplier". Sometimes I think that HD is worthless because of what people say... All because PP is usually from HR or DT mods, which everyone focuses on.
Finally, how I feel about CtB in general. To say it bluntly, I am losing hope in CtB, maybe quitting Osu, or not play competitively and stick to mapping. To me, this game feels like an endless loophole of who can get the most pp. I have less fun playing this game compared to before when I first started. I feel that I haven't achieved anything that I would be proud of because of ranks and pp system. Though I say to myself, don't care about ranks, play for fun, I dont really have any more fun playing this game.
That comes to say, I still love the community, the maps everyone makes, and most importantly, everyone who made CtB fun for me :) No matter how bad or good things get, I still believe that Osu is fun game ^^

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