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What is your favorite food for breakfast? I love eggs with liquid yolk, and you? ?

I skip breakfast most days lol

How often do you visit a dentist? Do you know you should do it at least once a year?

Don't worry I pay a stupid amount of money to see the dentist twice a year

There are two ambitions you can make up and they will be fulfilled. What do you choose?

1. To be the tallest man in the world
2. To be the shortest man in the world

Do you think calling a stranger in your house is ordinary?

I don't understand this question at all lmao

Name a FOOD you can't stand that most people seem to love!

Fucking ketchup, like how can you like that shit it's rank

How are you doing with cooking? Can you cook at all? What is the crown dish? ?

I can't cook to save my life can barely make a pot noodle


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