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What do you think animals think about humans?

I think humans are idiots. Especially PETA. Fucking hypocrites the lot of them. Some are just less fucked up than others. Im an animal and I EAT MEAT... I am a predator. But I love and feel in my own little way. I’m not living in denial. I embrace my blood trail. Respect it for what it is and how it keeps me alive. Everyone has their own blood trail.
Including YOU. Take responsibility for it. Show reverence for those who died so that you might live.

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No trolls = block. Genuine help only please Hello, I was on vacation with my friend 2 weeks ago and I was changing he walked in and saw my croch (nothing on) and hasn’t talked to me since. I don’t want to lose the friendship but idk what to do

Well. There’s a lot of information missing here. But it all comes down to..... It’s not your problem. It’s his problem. Some people prefer certain types of crotches. Some don’t like hair... Some prefer circ, some intact, some it won’t matter. If you’re of the opposite sex and he saw your “crotch”, and then didn’t want to talk to you, that’s weird too. But like I said.... it’s his malfunction. Not yours.

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