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I'm 25 and I'm still single. I'm a photo model and fashion designer and I've never had serious relationship, had hundreds of dates though .I really want to have a family, I could even give up my job for it.. My question: what does a man look for in a woman?? What does a good, attractive woman have?

Tomas Yono: Your job and activities in principle makes you focus on the exterior of the vessel, i. e. attractiveness. But a beautiful vessel is only a half of the picture at best. The vessel has to be used for its original purpose, i. e. holding content. There is an old saying that compares a person to a pot (vessel): after all, while cooking, we primarily focus on the inside cleanliness and beauty of our pots rather than outside. The same applies to people, and in this particular situation, to women. And the internal wellbeing manifests in several senses: the condition of our physical body and skin depends on the food we eat, meanwhile our entire life depends on the thoughts and feelings we produce (generate) inside ourselves. No matter how hard we try to cleanse our skin, if we bottle up stressful thoughts within ourselves and lead a monotonous life with little physical activity and unhealthy eating habits, our body will keep discharging toxic substances through the skin resulting in unpleasant odor and skin roughness as well as various diseases. What we look like on the outside depends on what we are like on the inside. Read the rest: http://wp.me/p4vHvs-2I

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hello, i guess something's wrong with me. i'm 27 and i had 5 girlfriends. they all left me sooner or later, because 'i didn't give them what they wanted', they said i was immature and selfish. but i really loved them, i don't know. now i'm afraid to start a new relationship..how not to fail again?

• Nowadays, most young people in the Western World lack knowledge how to treat the opposite sex, as a result, 50 % of people in the UK suffer from loneliness and the country faces high divorce rates.
• so your case is not in any way unique given this context. You simply need knowledge and experience.
• Read the rest: http://tomasyono2.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/im-27-and-i-had-5-girlfriends-they-said-i-was-immature/
hello i guess somethings wrong with me im 27 and i had 5 girlfriends they all

Me and my husband started talking about children recently. He dreams of having at least 3 or 4 but also expects me to earn money and have a full-time job. He says we both have to support family and work equally. I'm worried! I don't think I can be a mother of 4 and work...! what should I say to him?

Approach this situation by actions rather than words.
A woman can and should correct her man, but she should find indirect ways to do so. Any direct confrontation means that you will be tearing down your family with your own hands. After tying the knot (in particular in the Western World), in most cases women are put in the position where they have treat their men as little boys who lack knowledge and experience in family issues. But gradually the husband will learn family lessons and start listening to your female wisdom.
The rest answer is http://tomasyono2.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/158/


First – do people really want harmonious relationships? The way people behave actually demonstrates the opposite – most people do not understand the great value and the many possibilities that lie within family.
Second – are we prepared to pay the high price that this demands?
Third – we are surrounded by many attention-grabbing temptations. Can we resist them? The rest: http://tomasyono2.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/what-it-takes-to-build-a-harmonious-relationship-between-partners-part-i/comment-page-1/#comment-1

In your opinion, how many children should/must/can a standard modern-day family with a standard income have? 2? More? Is giving birth to as many children as the body naturally conceives not the sign of a lack of good judgement? After all, there are plenty of jokes on the internet that go along the..

In short: Many civilisations have collapsed due to a decline in birth rates.
The desire to produce children is a sign of wisdom, and not wanting to have children is simply a sign of being spoilt, i.e., an indicator that there is a surplus of comfort and welfare and that people are overthinking something very simple. This was clearly demonstrated by the fall of the Roman Empire as described by Polybius. This very same fate awaits Western civilisation and the white race. Naive people have all decided to sit in the same boat and to go along with the crowd without using their own heads, without having their own opinion and without looking any deeper into the heart of the matter. Of course, this is their own business. The rest answer: http://tomasyono2.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/is-giving-birth-to-as-many-children-as-the-body-naturally-conceives-not-the-sign-of-a-lack-of-good-judgement-part-i/

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My partner started telling me she wants to get married, I think it's all because she's reading what you write. I'm not against marriage, but I don't see the point of it really. We've had a great relationship for years, why marry now? I'm gonna live with her till death do us part anyway.

Within the context of family, men are greater egoists. In most cases it is the men that do not want to marry (to accept responsibility, i.e., to take complete care of their wives). The majority of women want to marry. Women are more devoted to their men, they place all of their energy in them, their entire lives. Meanwhile, men are unstable and risk-taking creatures who live shorter lives, are harder to predict and are less dependent on women....To read the rest follow the link: https://tomasyono2.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/weve-had-a-great-relationship-for-years-why-marry-now/

Why didn't our grandparents need such relationship counselling and there were basically no divorces? They didn't need books 'how to have a happy marriage' and stuff. Why? Why did people become so selfish nowadays, why don't they want marriage and children anymore? How this happened?

1. Our forefathers offered counselling through the verbal traditions of many ages and other flows of information. As the world changes (in the sense of form) and as nations move and mix, age-old family know how has to move to a higher level of quality and greater purity. Mission-wise, some nations specialise in manufacturing cars or exporting natural resources, and others have a refined knowledge of romantic poetry, intimacy, morals and parenting. This knowledge now has to be actualised in a new way.
The rest answer..http://tomasyono2.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/why-didnt-our-grandparents-need-such-relationship-counselling/

Sveikas, Tomai, man pasidarė tiesiog įdomu, jūs vedate daug įvairių seminarų įvairiomis temomis, noriu paklausti: ar vadovaujatės tomis nuostatomis ir, ar tai padeda jums gyvenime kurti harmoningus .santykius?Ar stipriai reikėjo keisti save iš esmės, kad pasiektumėte tai?

Prašau, čia rašykite tik angliškus klausimus, o lietuviškus čia http://ask.fm/Girdzijauskas
Atsakymas čia http://ask.fm/Girdzijauskas/answer/112506629367
Ir čia http://wp.me/p2ZMdA-1xA

pykstames su vyru. siandien vyras (amerikietis) sake, kad issiunte Jums klausima kazkoki i si ask.fm seniai, bet neatsakote. gal i ta 'oficialu,Lietuviska' ask.fm accounta siusti reikia? aciu.

Tik startavau šią anglišką klausimų sistemą ir iškart išvykau į mėnesio trukmės kelionę be normalaus interneto, bet po birželio 2 jau būsiu Londone namuose ir atsakinėsiu. Čia rašykite tik angliškai, o lietuviškai - lietuviškoje versijoje http://ask.fm/Girdzijauskas

Why does it take so long for you to answer a question here?

After I started this Q&A, days later I began a trip for a month to my fatherland without usual internet access. Besides this I have to manage and answer 280 questions in my native language Q&A version, but soon I'll catch up both. Thanks for Your input!

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