I agree. She also had "racist" next to "homeless, addicted, gay, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, black, white" etc. and used the term "cure" as if they all needed a cure.

King Fink
Eh to say that is a bit yikes
However we can cure or at least reduce the amount of extremists from any standpoint.
Whether they are Muslim, Christian (white) homophobic.etc.
Extremism leads to violence. Even those on the left who can and have been known to assault someone who thinks differently.
Attacking someone for being ignorant, racist, homophobic etc rather than allowing a neutral area to maybe try and talk to them? Is just the wrong way to go around it.
Those who are on the wrong side of society, regressive tend to be more stubborn. Going "ham" at them is just gonna make their own opinions deepen. They won't want to understand because they just get attacked for it.
Many people are raised racist etc etc. They aren't born that way.
Some sort of understanding is needed and open mindedness. Otherwise you're just wasting your time???
+2 answers in: “Khloe Kardashian posted a pic of a shirt that said things like "love thy neighbor, thy Muslim neighbour, thy atheist neighbour, thy black neighbour, thy racist neighbour" and captioned it with "love is the cure". Should we love racists? Do people of other beliefs need a "cure"? What's your opinion?”