Ask @TorturedTale:

[[Also turning off the anon option will keep him from pulling that stunt]]

(That's a problem I have😅 I'm on a phone and have no idea how to do that, ik how on the computer but the computers at school have ask blocked now)

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- i won't hurt ya... * get down and look at him * - what happend to ya for being like this? * caress a bit his skull *

☆~ Connect!Swap Paps (M!A) ~☆
M-mweh..? *he starts tearing up like he's about to cry* Pap.. ..d..did this t-to me... I..I were h-him...I-I..*he starts crying* I was so s-scared!!

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[ I cried so much that I stopped reading at one point Dx also my profile there is a video of me singing with music... ×hides×[

(I clicked it,you actually sing good 🙂)

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[ I know the AU >~< Aaahhhh poor Berry I can't ×shivers× ]

(I know😢 I hate swap so much in that AU ;-; just AAAAAAAAA--I'm screaming inside)

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