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What is your most prized throw?

Impossible to choose just one. If there was a fire, I'd grab my André Boulay signed signature yo-yos, and a few awesome yo-yos that are 1/1 or limited editions. My TotalArtist Edition YoyoFactory Too HOTs and Aviator 2s are definitely prized throws. I love all those the most!

What do you think of YYE's new site??

It will take some getting used to. I know a site update was overdue, but I knew where to find everything so easily on the old storefront. As a frequent YYE shopper, that's one of the most important aspects of the experience. So, all of us regular YYE shoppers will have to keep an open mind until we get used to the new format. I have an open mind about it, and emailed a few suggestions as well. In the meantime, I'm going to take advantage of 15% off for the National Yo-Yo Day Sale at YoyoExpert. It's my favorite store. ;-)

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Thoughts on April fools yyfs they are super funny have you seen them?

I love all YYF stuff, but don't think I've seen them. You should send me a photo. 😃

Tips for getting nervous before competition?

I don't compete, but I talk to people who do. I think it helps to be prepared, to know your routine inside and out, and practice with your chosen music to help time yourself. Also, practice with the yo-yo you'll be using on stage. Knowing your routine, your music and your equipment well, will help you relax.

Participating in reddit gifts?

Parvar Singh
I'm still undecided. I'm too busy preparing for the holiday here, Independence Day, on July 4th. I'm going to cook some barbecue, low and slow. Then, I'll decide whether to do reddit yo-yo gifts. :-)
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Seems as though you're one of the only people to ever try an ART Shout... How are they?

I tested one and really enjoyed it. It is stable and solid. Such a nice design and comfortable in the hand too. I can't wait to try one from the production run. I'll certainly add one to the collection!

Since you seem to have some say with YYF could you PLEASE tell them to remake the 2011 888 or something better? Bringing back usa production, low numbers and splash colors? Probably a YYE edition too...

I have no say, I'm just a customer who buys a lot of YoyoFactory, because the products are great. USA production never left, anodizing is top notch with new Galaxy colorways, and YYF is the leading maker of the YYE color scheme red/black/white or silver. Follow YYF 2015, you won't be disappointed, they're always on point.

Woah yoyofactory making a custom yyo for you! We want to see it!!!

It's top secret...until later, but it looks CRAZY SICK! You'll love it! ;-)

How's the weather today? That Yoyo is ready. Would you like to see it?

Yoyofactoryfm’s Profile PhotoYoyofactory
Of course I would love to see it! So excited...my dream Too H.O.T.? :-) I just shoveled snow for two hours (blizzard today in MA), and I'm cold and wet now. But, this made me all better. :-)

If I were to make you a yoyo, of your choice, Would a red/silver/black TooHOT be close to what you would choose?

Yoyofactoryfm’s Profile PhotoYoyofactory
I would be madly in love with that yo-yo. There would be so many photo still shots, spinning shots, related yo-yo shots, Splash Game shots, yo-yo characters, group shots, all of the above involving said yo-yo. I love YoyoExpert colors, and YoyoFactory throws, so a TooH.O.T. in those colors would be my dream Too H.O.T. It's my favorite release of 2014, and if it were in my collection, it would have a great home. I would love it engraved "2 H.O.T." too. :-)

Are you an actress!! Or a director or producer? Anything involved with movies?! It would fit your description! It would be cool, seem like your in a movie but in real life ;)

No. Actually, I don't think I'd be a good actress at all. I am not involved in the film industry, in any way. :-)

Whats your job!! I've been dying to know! Did you get a crazy inheritance or something?

Haha! If I tell you I have to kill you. Just kidding, but it's totally a job you would never guess. You'd be like, "They make that much money?" The answer would be "sometimes," and I got lucky, and do okay. I was in the right place at the right time. Are you psychic? Seriously, I'm actually expecting an inheritance, a smallish one, but I haven't got the money yet. I'll keep you posted. Land has to be sold first.

Ok also does YoyoExpert sell CLYW's at the Throwdown

James_liptak373’s Profile PhotoJames Liptak
I, personally, have purchased CLYW products, at the YoyoExpert table, at contests. Limited inventory can fit on that table though. So, if there is something specific you are interested in buying at Throwdown, shoot an email to contact@yoyoexpert.com. Or, buy online and request to pick up your order at Throwdown.

Ok and are you going to do the winter contest

James_liptak373’s Profile PhotoJames Liptak
If you're referring to Throwdown, I hope so. I try to attend as many local contests as possible. Not only to show my support, but I really enjoy watching the freestyles. I'm one of those people who actually attend contests to watch what's happening on stage. And, to buy some yo-yos too. ;-)

Do you ever actually go the store for YoyoExpert at Eastworks because I do

James_liptak373’s Profile PhotoJames Liptak
Hi James. I've been to the store several times, since they moved to Eastworks. I live about an hour and forty-five minutes away. I never have enough money to buy all the things I want. But, it's so exciting shopping there. I'm so happy to live in the same state as YoyoExpert. It's my favorite store!

So no one can prove you have a job or not have one? 0___0 or what you do..... I bet you're like a secret agent or something cool like that ;)

It's definitely cool. It seems like I'm in a movie, but it's real life. :-)

What do you do for a living? :)

I'll give you a clue. It's the same job as the character "Tommy Strawn" on the TV show "Martin." :-)

who is your favorite yoyo player besides you

Andre Boulay. He has a picture perfect style, great rhythm to his tricks, and great focus. He's not overly flashy, and lets the tricks speak for themselves. He is the most well rounded in the game, contest judge/organizer, best teacher, best player, great yo-yo designer, and owner of my favorite store. Great guy too!.
who is your favorite yoyo player besides you
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Favorite throw?

There are too many to choose just one. Some of my favorties are: Dark Magic 2, Chief, Model 10, Genesis, Avant Garde, Shutter, H.O.T., Too H.O.T., Northstar, Ricochet, and Code 2.

You should sell your eh's! :)

Hey, that's not a question. I have a few guesses who this is XD. I should sell more than that, and I'll probably work myself up to the EHs, but other things have to go first, mostly other doubles.


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