*He looks over at her, his pupils small white circles* You only exist here. Why is that? I feel like I know this *he's just watching her with emotionless eyes*

Are you drunk?*she frowns*Well ENLIGHTEN me then ink.*folds her arms*

You, me we're both mistakes, but I help, you don't. If Error won't erase this mistake, the I guess the job falls to me.

Ink..Please..He said it was a balance..Ultra-bad to balance the good Au..You'd be no better then Anti thinking he's "saving" the multiverse by destroying me..

What is one AU destroyed among thousands upon thousands. Sometimes an Artist needs to erase their mistakes

You're no destroyer ink..

*he gives her a sick grin, there is no joy there, or any sort of emotion* So you think

*frowns*Don't make me do something we both will regret...Go home take a vial leave now.*shes serious*

*Mind you being colorless Ink will only fight if he's attacked first* *also hey David linked me stuff that now has my brain on a very disturbing memory lane yay :D*

I said go back to the doodles Sphere now!*she looks eyed ink had a point maybe everyone would be better off if she and her timeline never existed. No. She'd earn her spot in the multiverse one day. Plus if her timeline and her was gone she would be erased forever being the only version to exist.*