Huh? Oh jeez what did I say!

Oooh nothing.You just called us both mistakes except you helped things unlike me. And threatened to destroy me and my timeline since error wouldn't. claiming even an artist sometimes needs to erase their mistakes. *depressed*

Gah, you really can't listen to what I say when I'm like that. If you didn't realize it I'm kinda an asshole like that.

Hehe i noticed just..Anti was right I do,do more harm then good..

So does Killer and Dust yet they still have the right to exist, and you aren't nearly as bad as they are. You don't mean to do any of it, it's like The Hunger in AxeTale, it's just part of you now. You're dangerous to others, but it's not your fault!

If only @LoserSkeleton95 knew how bad it could get...He wouldnt still be around me..I don't want to hurt anyone I already gained enough LOVE before i put two and two together.That I was causing everyone i cared for outside my timeline to dust..