Ask @Tragedyfate:

Wishes ?

To study aboard in Britten, to be a translator, to open a bakery shop that sells cookies, to have so many bookshelf's that fills my room, to have twins (future), to hang out with my friends and go shopping at Paris & London, to speak french perfectly, to have a great friend that we would end up forever, to visit Makkah, To die while praying, to be forgiven by God, to sell cupcakes hmm i guess i have more but lol.

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Heey jaaz hmm you know that school will end and i've just noticed you this term hmm actually the last weeks of this term hmm so i want to walk with you in a day you choose it and i wish that it will be good for me you know i'm so busy -joking- walllahi and actually i want to know more about me :$$

Hello, sweetheart! I know so SADLY :( whenever I see you free I'll just pull you w brmsch w che lmao, youre amazing my lowchyyyy! x---oo

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-انسآآن ماتحب تشوف دموعه ? / 2-انسان تضعف عنده ؟ / 3-انسان ودك تكفخه:$ ؟ / 4-انسان حياتك بدونه مو شي ؟ / 5-انسان دخل قلبك من آول مره كلمته آو شفته ؟ / 6-انسان تحسسه منآفق ؟ / 7-انسان تتمنى ماتشوفه؟

Devil | Casperowh | Casperowh | 8Cers | Casperowh | m7d l7mdellah | m7d, X

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Talk about lowchii :$ te quirro ♡

♡Je vous aime trop amoureux(french)♡ You're amazing sweetheart, awesome, lovely, you've got this most beautiful smile, I love it when you smile back! I hope you teach me Spanish and if you do so I'll teach you French! A7sch che '3er w 6yybah w 7booba wayyyeeedd mb a7sch lala enty a9lan 7booba<3 aba che at3rf 3lech akthr! w I am sure that I'll miss you and your smile next year! xoxoxxxo

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