Hey Girlie! First, DUDE. Second, I love your letter <3 Third, I am like obsessed with the fishie box, lip gloss, the little travel beauty thing(I was gonna buy one), and HOLY PETER PARKER THAT NECKLACE I'M WEARING IT RIGHT NOW OMGOMGOMG I SCREAMED WHEN I OPENED IT I CAN'T<3 K THX SO MUCH &LUV U BYE

i knew you would love it! It is just my way of saying "Welcome to SJV!!!" i am soooo happy i will get to see you everyday again! and seriously that letter has some great tips to get you through the year. LUV YOU!!! SEE YA SOON!!! btw done with school on monday!!!

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Hi! I'm Trinity! One thing I must say... "Like me? Great! Hate me? Even better!" -Trinity and Carly

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