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If you run away from your problems, does it count as exercise?

depends how big your problems are compared to your endurance

What things should you never tell your parents?

when you lost ur virginity,
how you feel about their judgement
how old they really are

lyrics about your most recent relationship?

what we said
not that it was bad or nothing
that we were young and curious, hoping to turn out to something
when one night on the couch i admit i guess i blew it
thought id never see you again.looking back at it that was stupid
our parents were great they supported us all the way,
we nonstop talked and texted like everyday,
we were young speeding on a emotional freeway
all the pictures and videos that you sent i had on replay
we tried to meet up at the park like each day
saturday sunday though every single weekday,
but after each day we got a little closer
our parents reminded us that we had to keep it kosher
we said what we felt, and we felt what we said, the love went from our hearts, it spread into our head
our love was a blanket, every text was like another thread.
we talked and talked and we talked for what seemed like for hours
only time we took a break was when we ate or we had to shower
i bought you flowers you brought me hugs
you turned out to be way more then i thought you was
but you was a good girl and you had all good intentions
i guess sometimes how you really felt is what you forgot to mention,
you texted me one time on a november evening saying you needed to tell me something and that you really mean it
You said you sorry but you just aint ready for this you gave a couple reasons and said im sorry again
and then you said i hope your life is going alright, i'm sorry but i just don't think that the timing is right, and it hurt, but i let you move on with your life
I Miss You

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