Ask @Trihandayani97:

If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?

Hmmm....... a time when I was still in junior or elementary school. Junior high school because I would like to rechange my personality. Elementary school because I would like to give more pay attention to my face. My face got more bad since I was still in elementary school because I wore unsuitable beauty powder and face soap which shouldn't wore at my age at that time. Ah! Since then my face got sharpen!

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What have you learned today?

I learned today that wasting of precious time is really unnecessary in order to win over our life. I could feel it because many teachers in my class today was absent, but assignments still went on. I couldn't get any understanding at all to finish it. But still, I tried my best to finish it no matter what in order to get a high mark in the final exam. Okay, that's enough.

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