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Why is Leslie Garrett such a prude?

Leslie Garrett is not a prude hate to break it to you yes we've fought and u ares eachother but were over that. If you think that you're to dumb to function
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Does it hurt that you are like the only one not saying happy birthday to leslie

Honestly yes it does, but it's honestly all my fault as well honestly If I would of thought stuff through before it came out of my mouth there wouldn't be a problem but that's not how it turned out I lost my best friend in the world even to this day even though she doesn't speak or look at me I never regret a single moment with her she's been there for me through my tough times and it sucks that I'm going trough a rough patch and I have no one to speak to but I cannot blame anyone but myself I don't expect anyone to feel pity for me since it's my fault but I do wanna say happy birthday! But I don't think I'll get that chance this year hopefully it will pass by but what I did is unforgivable and I don't blame her for hating me..

Wow how stupid could that person be obviously she doesn't like him & doesn't want to be with him for a reason. Stop badgering her about it. Plus it's his lost that he was being stupid and lost Trisha. Loveeee youuu.

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Awww Margaret thank you I love you some people just don't know when to stop asking the same dang questions(:

Monica quintero.

At first me and her had a few issues, and there was times I wanted to whoop her ass, but in the end she turns out to be a very sweet girl! And honestly a lot of people talk crap about her bc the guy she is dating and the decisions she makes but obv, everyone will learn from their mistakes and if they don't that's there own problem but I talk to this girl and she tells what she wants to work on and stuff like that so I see a lot ahead of her yes it will be a bumpy road but I know she will make it, people judge her on what she does and I won't even deny it I judged her on that until she opened up too me, so please before you run you're mouth about her get to know her!

I saw you and Kelsey Sconci yesterday.. Are y'all friends or do you think she is a bitch like I do!

We're friends and she is a very sweet girl so if you think she is a bitch you have a very different point of view of a lot of people!
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I thought the whole time you could do better than Michael, why didn't you?

I honestly Idek, I guess I was caught up in the past and I just thought everything would go back to normal but um no it didn't lol but thanks for you're opinion
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