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Be careful when people are quiet *🤣

Only if they are not normally a quiet person… cause sometimes people are just quiet all the time.
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Are you comfortable with a stranger sending you money?

I mean if they wanted to it would be their choice but I’m not going to ask them or beg them for money. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Never play with people feelings! If you don't want them ..... let it be known!

I wish more people would do this!

Would you rather have the super power to transform people into anything or to never have to sleep again?

I guess turn people into anything… cause I like sleep.
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What's the worst physical pain you ever had?

So called spraining (I still think it’s broke but orthopedic doc has been out of the country), cysts and a stupid epidural I did NOT want.
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Do you believe you can find someone compatible for you on Askfm? ❤️💙💜

No. I don’t think looking for someone on ask is even smart either - it’s a question site not a hookup/dating site.
Liked by: Trista Yeah, B O Y.

Have you ever hooked up with anyone from Askfm?❤️💙💜

No that would be weird and dumb - it’s great if it works for other people but I don’t think internet hookups are that cool..
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Ever in your life been cheated on ever?

Yup. I don’t believe I dated a single guy before that didn’t cheat on me - and clearly it was something they were lacking because they all came begging for me to take them back too… I’ve heard many excuses and even years later they would ask/talk about me… guess they just couldn’t handle someone who really cared for them. Not my problem. It put me where I am now and I am much better for it 😁
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What is your birth month

My birth month is the month that I was birthed, which is a month where on that day I was born. 😁

Do mermaids exist?

I don’t know what exists… they could possibly but not how we envision them all pretty and such…

Do you miss your ex?

No… and how many people are going to ask this same question!? It’s been asked like 3938572983949374939284740294759394739294848 times lol


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